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This Meetup is intended both for current blockchain investors as well as those interested in learning more about opportunities for investing in blockchain startups and in cryptocurrencies. Each meeting will have a keynote speaker (startups, investors, professors) who will speak on a range of relevant topics (eg. Secondary market, Stable coin, Blockchain and healthcare, Blockchain and cybersecurity, ICOs, STOs, platforms, Blockchain infrastructure deals), as well as presentations from 1-2 dynamic blockchain startups. Light dinner, networking, and Q&A included. We aim to have about 8 Meetups per year plus an annual Summit and smaller private events. We welcome input from members on monthly topics of interest/speakers.

Founder: George Gong, Zino Ventures

Co-founders: Simon Saval, Upfolio,

Chen Li, Spark Blockchain Incubator

The purpose of this group is for learning, networking, connecting and it is not for fundraising. Any startup presentation given as part of the Meetup is for educational purposes only and not for fundraising. Please be reminded that in order to make an investment in any blockchain startup that you may learn about through this Meetup you need to be qualified under the accredited investor rule as defined by rule 501 of Reg D: https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/retrieveECFR?gp=&SID=8edfd12967d69c024485029d968ee737&r=SECTION&n=17y3.

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Tax Incentives in MA "O-zones": What blockchain investors+ startups need to know

Come learn about the economic incentives available for blockchain startups and investors via the Opportunity Zone program ("O-Zone), which provides federal tax benefits to investors who realize capital gains, and invest them within Opportunity Zones through Opportunity Funds. MA has 138 such zones. You an read specifics of the Opportunity Zone program here: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/frequently-asked-opportunity-zone-questions Join us for a panel on how the Blockchain community can take advantage of O-Zone tax incentives with benefits for startups, investors and communities. The idea of setting up one or more blockchain incubators in O-Zones will be discussed with a path for how this might materialize. Hear from QUBIC which is already setting up shop in Quincy and taking advantage of the program with a focus on gov tech and blockchain as well as from panelists with tax, legal and real estate expertise in O-Zones. Panel: Robert MacArthur, SOLI and champion of establishing "Blockchain for Good" Incubator in O-Zone Gavin Nichols: QUBIC: Quincy Business Innovation Center -open to any startups working in the blockchain space Carlos Febres-Mazzei, Managing Principal, Quaker Lane Capital Gary Domorocki, Moderator, Stifel Investment Services ***Schedule of Events 6:00pm-6:30: Dinner by Boston Kebab and Networking 6:30-7:30: Panel on Blockchain Incubators in O-Zones 7:30-7:45: Company Pitch, CYDigital 7:45-8:00: Announcements and closing remarks 8:00-8:45: Dessert and Networking We hope to see you there! Eliza

Boston Blockchain Investors Monthly Meetup and Dinner

Come learn about blockchain and meet blockchain investors, startups, developers. Panel and Pitches announced soon!

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How Decentralized Finance can Transform Financial Services

Venture Cafe Cambridge

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