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On November 1st 1924, Charles Francis Adams bought the first NHL hockey team in Boston. ”Adams, a grocery chain tycoon from Vermont, held a contest to name his NHL club, laying down several ground rules. One was that the basic colors of the team be brown with yellow trim, the color scheme of his Brookside stores. The name of the team would preferably relate to an untamed animal embodied with size, strength, agility, ferocity and cunning, while also in the color brown category. He received dozens of entries, none of which were to his satisfaction until his secretary came upon the idea of 'Bruins’” (NHL.com bio for the Boston Bruins).

The first Bruins game came exactly a month later, and unfortunately the B’s lost that game to the Montreal Maroons at a score of 2-1. November 20th, 1928 played their first game in the Boston Garden, where they also, unfortunately lost 1-0 to the Canadians. However, it was in that 1928-29 season that they won their first Stanley Cup championship. They didn't win the Cup until 10 years later, where they also won that following year (1940-41). Within those years, stars like Eddie Shore (1926-1940), Lionel Hitchman (1925-1934), and Audrey “Dit Clapper (1927-1947) lead the Bruins to these titles. Hitchman was the first player to have his number retired in 1934, and then Shore and Dit were retired in 1947.

It wasn't until the signing of Bobby Orr in 1966 that the Bruins found even more success. Orr attracted another sign for Phil Esposito (signed in 1967). Esposito and Orr eventually found success in winning the 1969-70 and 1971-72 Stanley Cup together. Orr’s jersey was retired in 1979, and Esposito's was retired in 1987.

While the Bruins had a 18 year Cup drought, they still produced stars. Cam Neely was a star from 1986-96 with his jersey being retired in 2004 and soon after named the team president. Right Winger Rick Middleton entertained Bruins fans from 1976-88 and had his jersey retired in 2018. Johnny Bucyk ended his 23 year career with the Bruins in 1978 and had his number retired two years later. Terry O’Reilly played with the B’s from 1972-85 and had his jersey retired as well in 2002. Finally, Ray Bourque became a Bruins legend and fan favorite forever with his 1979-2000 career and had his jersey retired on October 1st, 2001.

In 2010-11, the Bruins became that dominating team they once were again. They won that Stanley Cup championship with names like Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, Zedano Chara, Milan Lucic, and many more. 7 years later, the Bruins are back in it… So why not make a Meetup group?

This is the question that John P. Cronin asked his best friend Zander. And that's exactly what John did without even thinking it would be too much to ask the music blogger and full-time residential counselor. So why not join them?

Seriously, come and join John and Zander in the future watch parties in Boston. Hell, you may just have a lot of fun.

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