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Mingle to Millions Mastermind LIVE Zoom
Go to to get log in details! We meet 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 8PM Eastern AND 2nd and 4th Wed of the month at 8PM Eastern. Look at what you get for FOUR HOURS a month from the comfort of your home, at only $35 a month AND when you go to the page mentioned above you can learn how to be in the group for FREE!! Call, text, email Cami for more details[masked] [masked] Creating Quality Connections that Convert is the name of the game and this is what this community is all about. What you get: → Mingle to Millions Method: ♦ Set Intention ♦ Pay Attention ♦ Create Retention → The DIRTY 30...30 second elevator pitch is Dead! ♦ Mindset around the 30-second pitch ♦ How to never do one again ♦ If your going to do one, how to do it with confidence → The 4 personalities, who are you and who are you connecting with? ♦ Well laid out charts that are easy to understand ♦ Discussions on how to connect with different personalities → Who are you being in every connection encounter → Be, Do, Have vs Have, Do, Be...this is a paradigm shift in thinking that transforms everything! → Positioning, what does this mean and how are your positioned in the marketplace? → Proper ways to introduce people so that Quality Connections are created ♦ Mindset ♦ Scripts/Templates ♦ Examples → How are you seen ♦ How you are now ♦ How you want to be → Who to talk to, what to say, how to say it ♦ Scripts ♦ Body Language ♦ Being ♦ Integrity →How to communicate with intention ♦ Language ♦ Written ♦ Verbal ♦ Face-to-Face → The 3 "T"s and the 3 "Y"s of the sales conversation courtesy of Tracy Thompson's brilliant mind! → BONUSES!!! ♦ Mingle to Millions the Maverick Way! - 45 minute video sold for $97 ♦ 30 High Qualified Leads in 30-Days with as little as 30-Minutes a Day! - sold for $497 → FABULOUS tips on how to get leads fast! → 8-week program full of recorded zoom videos, interactions, and PDF's → Specific Topics as needed by the group: ♦ Cause Marketing Campaigns ♦ How you are being seen ♦ How to communicate with intention ♦ What your cause is ♦ Psychology of why we do Cause Marketing ♦ What kind of event/campaign to do ♦ Strategy, what is REALLY going on here? ♦ Who to talk to, what to say, how to say it ♦ THE EVENT → Network Marketing ♦ Product Pusher vs Business Builder ♦ Mindset ♦ How to Edify and introduce upline ♦ How to pique interest in your business ♦ Who to look for to build your business, the "A" players ♦ Scripts for inviting and introducing ♦ Posture, packaging, & positioning → Speaking is the BEST lead generator, how to get booked ♦ Where to find events and organizers to talk with ♦ What to say to have them want you to speak at their event ♦ How to position yourself as an expert ♦ Speaker packet creation ♦ Title, Topic, & Themes for your talk → Creating your own ♦ Why having your own event rocks ♦ How to set it up in ♦ How to find venues for FREE ♦ Words to use in your marketing to fill the room ♦ How to set up the room ♦ Interaction with your attendees ♦ Set Intention, Pay Attention, & Create Retention with events

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