What we're about

This is a group for people that love programming and love competing. As often as possible, we'll get together and everyone will try to solve coding challenges that test your knowledge of any of the following:

- combinatorics
- number theory
- graph theory
- geometry
- string analysis
- data structures
- network security
- software explotation

We'll focus on moderate level challenges at first. Everyone will have time to attempt the challenge, and then we'll discuss our thoughts, approaches, and solutions as a group. We'll compare execution speed and memory usage, but conceptual elegance will also be heavily weighted. Over time, we'll figure out a belts system, or a judging mechanism, or something, to decide who "wins."

Perfect for someone who is prepping for a technical interview, someone who likes to compete, or just wants to improve their programming and reasoning abilities quickly.

Past events (14)

JavaScript Whiteboard Practice Interviews


Beer and Networking for Technical Founders

Firebrand Saints

MeteorJS Mini Hackathon

Calvin's Place

Distributed Systems Challenge

Boston Public Library

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