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Consider this scenario: You show up to your first meetup for this group, and it's a regular loser convention. It's just like every other meetup you've been to. You should have known that intelligent, cool, successful, attractive, funny people aren't lonely enough to show up to something like this - they're already struggling to make appearances at all the parties they're invited to. The organizer is just as insufferable as they seemed in the group description, but everyone else is just eating it up. The first couple people you talk to are so unfunny they make you feel less funny just from talking with them. It's all small talk. You manage to wriggle away. Surprisingly, you identify a cool person in the crowd. This is probably their first time, they won't show up again. You work up the courage to engage them. They're vibing with someone you had previously written off - now you're seeking their acceptance, but they're clearly only continuing to talk with you out of pity. It's at this moment you realize: you're actually the least cool, least funny person here. Nobody is responding to your Borat impressions or your barely relevant Mean Girls references. Are you a hack? It's your parents' fault. They laughed at all your shitty jokes. The walls are closing in. Your ex was right about you, and your grandma was wrong. Maybe if you could keep a real job you wouldn't be chasing pipe dreams of meeting Doug Stanhope at a meetup, having him see your potential, rescuing you from your tortuous existence. Stanhope doesn't even live in Boston anymore. Your back hurts. Why can't you seem to find a hairstyle that works for you? Why did you even leave home? You already paid for the Uber Express Pool, you might as well stick it out. Maybe you'll get some swag to throw out when you get home. At least you can still say you write comedy as a side hustle in your dating profiles. Scene.

The idea is to get a buncha people together who are interested in comedy writing, and from that hopefully get:
A Life

I don't want to put limitations on types of comedy writing, but can we please not focus on musical theater?
Also, if you're tryna do material on Trump, could you possibly be any less original?
Maybe we'll partner with a group that has film equipment and a group of actors, make some real art..

Started August 27, 2018

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Boston Comedy Writing - First Brainstorm Event

31 St James Ave

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