What we're about

Let’s enjoy and explore our diverse Boston local and international cultures.

Let’s attend art, music, dance, and sports events; enjoy good food and drink; and share stories.

The purpose of this club is to simply enjoy life and maybe make a new friend as we enjoy and learn from our shared cultures.

I imagine that many of you will be new to Boston, perhaps you are from abroad or other parts of the US; I would like to offer activities that will introduce you to the Boston area.

I would love to have a diverse number of event organizers, please let me know if you would like to share your cultural interests in leading events.

The requirements for joining are your respect towards others of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and your demonstration of common courtesy in showing up for confirmed events.

In order for events to be successful, it is necessary for organizers to depend on an accurate attendance count. Organizers work very hard in thinking up and planning event. No-shows should be a rare occurrence. If you are to be a no-show, I expect you to show the minimum courtesy in sending a message to the event organizer in acknowledging your absence or to explain any difficulties in finding the event.

Membership will be revoked to those who show do not show respect and common courtesy to the group and who have a history of not showing up for confirmed events.

I ask members to post a simple photo and fill out anecdotal profile questions, nothing identifiable, so I know you are a real person, not a spammer. This information helps me get a sense of your likes and ideas for the club. Also, a photo really helps event leaders in recognizing you at the Meetups. However, I can make an exception if you send me an email confirming that you are a real person.

All ages and cultures are welcome!

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