• Scalable Machine Learning with H2O

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    Hi All, Only two more days until the event! I hope to see you all there. Our First meetup will be focused on H2O, an open-source Machine Learning Platform. This event is being sponsored by Colaberry School of Data Analytics. http://www.h2o.ai/ https://github.com/h2oai/h2o-3 It will take place the CIC on Milk Street in Boston.. the Date is set for 5/12 at 6:00PM. This Date is Final. Event Itinerary 6pm Cocktails/Apps meet and greet. 7pm Erin from H2O to present and live code session, bring your laptops. 8pm Pizza for everyone more networking opportunity. Speaker: Erin LeDell NOTE: Bring Laptops if you want to partake in hands on demo. ABSTRACT: This workshop will provide an overview of how to use H2O, the scalable open source machine learning library, from Python/R/Flow UI. The core algorithms of H2O are implemented in Java, however, fully-featured APIs are available in R, Python, Scala, and also through the Flow UI web interface. The focus of this hands-on workshop will be the “h2o” R & Python modules. All of H2O's algorithm implementations are distributed, which allows the software to scale to large datasets that may not fit into RAM on a single machine. H2O currently features distributed implementations of Generalized Linear Models, Gradient Boosting Machines, Random Forest and Deep Neural Nets. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to train machine learning models, cross-validation, and evaluate model performance using the H2O Python and R API BIO: Erin LeDell received her Ph.D. in Biostatistics with a Designated Emphasis in Computational Science and Engineering from UC Berkeley. Additionally, she has B.S. and M.A. in Mathematics and have worked for many years in industry as a software developer and data scientist. Her research focuses on ensemble machine learning, learning from imbalanced binary-outcome data, influence curve based variance estimation and statistical computing. Currently, Dr. LeDell works as a Statistician and Machine Learning Scientist at H2O.ai (http://h2o.ai/), the company behind the open source machine learning software, H2O (http://t.sidekickopen36.com/e1t/c/5/f18dQhb0S7lC8dDMPbW2n0x6l2B9nMJW7t5XZs7fZy42VdnHTF8qSCmdVfmQ8b56dGXrf1W_JmY02?t=http%3A%2F%2Fh2o.ai%2Fproduct&si=5355602517164032&pi=a556ffc3-bd1d-44be-e21c-6db128ce5e4d). Please no recruiters. Best, David