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This month we're sharing techniques and tools that can be used to improve your daily workflows. All talks will be short; ten minutes or less.

One ground rule: No product pitches.

Some talk ideas:

• Here's a great OSS tool I created and how to contribute.

• I had a problem with X, here's how I fixed it.

• This was an interested book/video, here's a summary.

• We chose X to solve a problem over Y, here's why.

If you'd like to present, please propose a talk here:



• Jenkins Pipeline as Code - Thomas McGonagle

• Workflow Abstraction - Don Luchini

• Summon - Dustin Collins

Open Space


• Self Service Permissioning Approaches - Mark Ferry

• Security as Code - Apollo Clark

• Lightweight microservice blue-green deployment with Packer, Terraform and AWS - Phil Lombardi

Open Space