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Do you live near Beantown? Do you enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons? Wanna meet other cool folks who do the same? Then come on down to one of our relaxed, friendly meetups where everyone is welcome to meet others to find a great D&D game. If you're attending, head downstairs and look for meetup people browsing the RPG book racks.

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Saturday Ixalan 5e game at Toys

Toys N Things

Our weekly Saturday game where players are adventuring on the MtG plane Ixalan! They are in command of the Gambit, a moldy third rater the group uses to go on various missions on the high seas or visiting exotic (and dangerous!) lands, The group is around sixth level and is always happy to have more players join the crew. If playing in a land of pirates, dinosaurs and high adventure sounds fun feel free to join!

Open Gaming: The Boston Dungeons & Dragons Meetup Group Monthly Meetup (North)

While we are always doing other variations of D&D (Path, 3.5, 4.0) our next meetup is going to be on the same day our weekly D&D: Next demo/playtest is being run. So if players are interested in trying the new system bring along some dice and you can either play a pregen or create a character of your own.

TnT's 5e Adventurer's League: The Sundering of Faerun

Our weekly Adventure league session where the players are currently playing in the aftermath of Storm King's Thunder adventure. The return of the Storm King brings war to Faerun. While the giants fight among themselves, drow and other humanoids try to take advantage. The effects of the Spell Plague also are beginning to reawaken. The group is 2nd level and is currently in the Border Kingdoms. a group of minor kingdoms that currently agree to work together to prevent humanoids coming out of the Shaar of Desolation (formerly the Shaar) from overrunning their lands. New players are welcome!

Adventures in Alyssia

Adventures in Alyssia

Looking for a game more focused on talking, exploring, and finagling challenges, rather than constantly moving from fight to fight? Like heists and hobnobbing? Look no further than Adventures in Alyssia. We're just starting off, with a few players and looking for more. If you're interested, please contact message Oren, or @Oren on the Discord

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Rebuilding of Daggerford

Toys N Things

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