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Rebuilding of Daggerford
• What we'll do A new 5e game is forming at Toys on Friday nights starting at 7PM. First session is on January 26th. The game is 5e so all Wizards published 5e books (and Unearthed Arcana) are usable .Characters start at 2nd level with first two HD maxed. Players may roll 4D6 keep the highest three and reroll any "1"s once. The year is 1486 and Morwen Daggerford sister of the late Duke Daggeford rules over the shattered remains of her once proud town. Daggerford faces dangers from many directions. Displaced hobgoblns raid from Floshin in the north. Bands of lizard men roam from the Lizard Marsh to the west. To the south sits Dragonspear Castle, and on the east are the fae of the Misty Forest, The Dutchess is determined to rebuild her town and offers land and other rewards to those who join her in the effort. • What to bring • Important to know

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Do you live near Beantown? Do you enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons? Wanna meet other cool folks who do the same? Then come on down to one of our relaxed, friendly meetups where everyone is welcome to meet others to find a great D&D game. If you're attending, head downstairs and look for meetup people browsing the RPG book racks.

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