Past Meetup

Drone For The Holidays

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This holiday season, the number one gift under the tree is going to be a multirotor, drone, UAS, what-ever you want to call it. They will be large and small, for children young and old. This is a sure sign that our passion for this technology is going mainstream. In the long term, this is great news: the more people who have first-hand experience with these systems, the easier it becomes for us to argue for their safe, beneficial and non-intrusive use in society.

However, in the short term, it means that a quarter of a million novice pilots are about to take to the skies. As enthusiasts and proponents for this technology, we feel that we owe it to them — and to ourselves, and to the future of this industry — to do everything we can to help them get started on the right foot.

The goal is a nationwide effort to have these new pilots meet with experienced amateurs and professionals to learn how to fly as well as how to fly safely.

We encourage those who received a new drone as a gift for the holidays to bring it with them to the event and ask questions and hopefully learn a few things.