What we're about

BEI is a place to learn anything and everything that one is willing to teach. It's a vibrant community where people that like to learn for learning's sake can pick up a trowel, try their hand at making mole, learn about Bessel functions and their physical applications, philosophise about the ambient context Alan Watts swears surrounds us.

N.b. I emphasise the word community--it's a place for family. BEI is as much about learning about each other as it is learning about the world. I think there is a modern day crisis. Our school environment has been industrialised; our museums are limited in scope and funding; our libraries are lonesome. Together, we can live life! We can play like humans are meant to--discover, build, create! On a particularly glum day, perhaps BEI just a place to lounge. BEI is what you make of it. If you're tired and don't really wanna do anything active, still come in and do your homework or somethin'. We welcome you.
BEI is designed to be community-driven, i.e, people driven. Members will be welcome to start special interest groups within BEI, either as experts, enthusiasts, or total dilettantes! For those who'd like the responsibility, you can chair/co-chair your own special interest group and help bring in lecturers, give talks, organise craft/practice/theory/socialising time, etc.

Here's a semi-exhaustive list of the things I want to BEI to cover (frankly, these are just things I'd be happy to talk to/participate in/learn with random strangers--feel free to add more!]:

•popular books
•engineering random inventions
•programming/computer science/IT/network engineering
•natural computing (chair: Albert)
•linguistics and languages
•video games/tabletop RPGs/boardgames
•urban planning
•written word/poetry/creative writing
•adventure! Hiking/traveling
•the art of humour and small talk
•shaving, brushing, and their histories
•drawing/painting/digital art
•using random software
~~c'mon let's think of more!!~~


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