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Artificial Life Double Bill: Ex-Machina/Her
I think this is a topic worth trying for better attendance (lots of people dropped at the last minute this time around) so I've re-upped this one (again). We'll be doing another double bill discussion with movies centered on the concept of Artificial intelligence and the dangers thereof. As we exponentially progress in computing power and data storage the advent of creating a machine that can think for itself independent of human input is becoming more and more an inevitability and something that should be taken very seriously. Scientists and innovators alike from Stephen Hawking to Elon Musk have been warning about the dangers A.I could pose in the not-so-distant future. Alex Garland's 'Ex-Machina' and Spike Jonze's 'Her' present two very different takes on the idea. 'Ex-Machina' has Domhnall Gleeson's programmer trying to determine if a new robot designed by his eccentric boss (Oscar Issac) is in fact sentient. 'Her' presents a not-so-distant future where a new mobile OS, voiced by Scarlett Johansson, begins to create a personality that responds to Joaquin Phoenix's Theodore and his loner lifestyle, perhaps even to the point of actual love and understanding. Both are of course available on Netflix for convenience. We'll compare how the filmmakers present the same concept but for different purposes and messages, which one presents the concept more accurately, and what does everyone think about when/if Artificial Life is created. Important speculative fiction that will help shape or reality, hope to see you there!

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    This meetup group is similar to a book club but with films. Each event will have one or two movies that have the same theme. You watch it on your own and then we come together and talk about it. I am open to themes or films suggestions. Right now I would like to do one every two weeks. We can also go see new movies together as well.

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