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Create Your Own Flexible Grid System & Launching a Career in Front End Dev

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Talk #1: Forget Frameworks: Create Your Own Flexible Grid System

Grid frameworks share some common problems: they’re clunky, hard to modify and rely upon presentational markup. But the power of Sass can save us from frameworks. We can design flexible grids, create efficient code and ditch presentational markup for good. Learn how to create your own flexible grid system with Steve Hickey, UI Designer & Front-End Developer at Fresh Tilled Soil.

About the Speaker: Steve Hickey is the User Interface Designer at Fresh Tilled Soil ( - a team of designers, coders and UX experts that helps entrepreneurs and businesses create bloody brilliant user experiences for web and mobile applications through consulting, education, training, and events. Since 2005 they've helped 300+ clients including General Electric, Microsoft, MIT, Harvard, TEDx, Time Warner Cable, Walgreens, Hubspot among many others. Originally educated in print design, Steve adopted the web as his chosen medium shortly after graduating from college. From a humble start coding marketing emails, he quickly moved into creating standards-compliant websites built with clean and semantic HTML, CSS, and jQuery. An unflappable master of his craft, Steve loves a good design challenge. His finger is always on the pulse of UI/UX advances, making him the go-to guy to find out what’s next in design innovation.

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Second talk canceled due to flu :(

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