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What we’re about

Meet other local gay professionals. Make new contacts. Find new clients & customers. Hire a new employee. Find a job. And.... make new friends! :oD
In other words:  MEET PEOPLE.  It's just that simple!
Meaningful Networking™

WHO WE ARE (and we are the ORIGINAL since 2006!)
We are an outgoing and friendly group of people--yes, it really exists in Boston!--of all ages and from all walks of life, occupations, and backgrounds. Our events are relaxed and have no attitude.  Many have remarked that we are the "un-Club Cafe." In other words, people will be happy to look you in the eye, walk over, and talk to you for a bit!  ;o) And we encourage you to do the same.

We typically hold 2 networking/social events per month around Boston--usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays (and occasionally Fridays too)--sometimes more if there's a special event planned. Attendance ranges from 40 to about 70 people (and we limit attendance to no more than 100, which makes the events more enjoyable for everyone).  Come join us and make some new friends and professional contacts (like so many others have)!

The only thing we ask is that if you RSVP that you're attending, please be sure to attend.  If your plans change and you can't go, kindly update your RSVP.  Our events occasionally generate waiting lists, so if you RSVP that you're going but then don't show, you're taking a spot away from someone who really wants to be there.  We simply ask that you be considerate of other members.  And the places where we hold events reserve space for us and often hire extra staff, so it's important to know how many people are actually attending.

Also, please do NOT announce our events on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. without contacting us first. Feel free to talk about the group there, but we prefer that interested people actually join first given that attendance at the events is limited (and admittance at the door is not always possible).

There is a $10 pre-paid fee to attend our regular evening networking events (and we have limited-time free events too every so often).  However, if you're new to the group, a New England resident, and have never been to an event before, YOUR FIRST EVENT IS FREE so you can check us out (subject to availability and event type). You'll need to e-mail the organizer, Dan, separately though so he can put your name on the RSVP list as the Meetup system won't let you RSVP without paying. If you want to attend without pre-registering, then it's $15 (cash) at the door.

Also, if it's your first free event and you RSVP and then don't show--and don't change your RSVP beforehand either--that still counts as your first event. Sorry for this strict rule, but a number of folks have tried to take advantage and attend multiple free events by claiming that they never went to their first one.

Keep in mind that this is a NETWORKING group.  So people who come to our events are looking to meet other people and not stand around and simply "be seen."  (Again, this is not Club Cafe!)

While the organizers and event hosts do their best to facilitate introductions and to engage others, you're expected to go over and say "hi" to people--and vice versa.  After all, that's why people are there. If you do, we promise that you won't suddenly burst into flames . . . and that you WILL meet some friendly and approachable folks! ;o) It only takes a minimal amount of effort on your part to meet some great people and do some really Meaningful Networking.™

The group continues to grow through Meetup and by word-of-mouth, which is why we've been so successful and why people have been enjoying our events since 2006. Contrary to popular belief, there really are friendly and welcoming gay venues in Boston where people talk to each other!  Come by and let us show you....
Thanx for taking the time to read about us.  We hope you join and look forward to seeing you soon! :o)