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What we're about

Boston-centric lightsaber stage combat group. We meet to develop, practice, and perform stage combat using lightsaber props; our mission is to provide a safe and fun performance for the audience while having a ball of fun ourselves!

Core values:

1, safety safety safety. You are responsible for your safety, your partner's safety, and the audience's safety.

2, inclusiveness. We welcome everyone and expect everyone to contribute to a welcoming environment: abusive, insulting, harassing, or intimidating behavior will not be tolerated.

3, sharing. Come to learn, come to teach! We all have experience from different walks of life: come share what you know and learn from others. If you are here to work with people to make both of you look awesome at stage combat, you're in the right place. Those who want to pump up their ego about how cool a fighter they are, need not attend.

On 14 June 2016, Boston Jedi re-aligned itself to work closely with the local chapters of the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, and The Dark Empire. The goal is that, in the future, most Boston Jedi members will be members of one (or more) of those groups, and as such, we will leverage their organization structure for PR, marketing, and event coordination. Boston Jedi will facilitate in organizing help for new members to create an appropriate performance-capable costume and gain membership in one of the aforementioned groups. Boston Jedi still welcomes members who do not wish to join one of the groups, but those members will have greatly limited opportunity to perform.

Boston Jedi is an 18+ group.


"Do I need a lightsaber to attend?"

Nope! We have loaners.

"How often do you meet?"

Every Thursday night. We are currently holding practices at MIT's campus. We are slowly moving towards having additional Saturday practices for those who can't come during the week, but that may not happen for awhile.

"Are there any fees?"

No charges for anything.

"Where can I find more info?"

Our homepage is and we also have a Facebook group you can join: We also encourage our members to be on our googlegroups list, which is only used for announcements (only moderators can post to it):!forum/bos ...

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