Metrics Driven DevOps with Jenkins


Becoming the next Uber is only possible if you deliver what your users want faster than others. Some aspects of DevOps, implementing Continuous Delivery & Feedback Loops and the flexibility that a platform like Cloud Foundry provides are a perfect combination to get closer to that goal.
Automation alone is not the answer – also not giving everyone Ops power. The examples of failed rapid deployments are countless – even public ones! Don’t repeat these mistakes!
Join Andreas (aka Andi) and hear stories from CreditOne, Verizon and IdrottOnline on how they optimized their delivery pipelines. Adding monitoring as a key pipeline and platform feature is vital for their success. Andi has been part of the Dynatrace engineering team for 8 years and will demonstrate how Dynatrace and Ruxit get insight into the build pipeline to deliver these metrics in your IDE, in the tests executed in your CI and in your app production – of course – all fully automated into Cloud Foundry. About the speaker

Andreas Grabner is a performance engineer who has been working in this field for the past fifteen years. Andreas helps organizations identify the real problems in their applications and then uses this knowledge to teach others how to avoid the problems by sharing engineering best practices. He was a developer, tester, and evangelist for Segue Software, builders of the Silk Testing product line. Later Andreas joined Dynatrace where, for the past eight years, he has helped organizations worldwide test applications, better understand the technologies behind their apps, and improve the entire development process.