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This group is for anyone interested in exploring the effect of laughter on the human mind and body through community and the ritual of play. Our meetups will be in the form of Laughter Yoga and Meditation sessions followed by brief discussions about laughter and play in our lives. Laughter Yoga and Meditation involves simple movements, breathing, and obviously laughter, and is open to all ages. Comfortable clothing is a plus but Laughter Yoga and Meditation isn't your usually yoga class so no special attire, mats, or props required although you'd be quite surprised on how much a workout continuous laughter can be. No previous experience in yoga, meditation, or having a sense of humor necessary. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kevin and I started this group because we like to play and laugh, and laughter yoga was one of the best ways we have found to fulfill that basic need. There are many proven physical and psychological health benefits to the practice, which have been backed by peer-reviewed studies, but speaking to people about laughter yoga what comes up often is that people feel they’re not having enough fun in their life. We would like to address that.

Which brings up the question: What is laughter yoga? Despite the name, there are
no physical poses. What it takes from yoga is the attitude of practice – the idea isn’t
to be the best at doing the exercises, but simply to start where you are and begin
to develop, over time, an innate and core aspect of your humanity. While yoga
concentrates mainly on the body, this practice focuses primarily on the capacity for
laughter and playfulness.

Laughter is by its nature contagious, so while it may begin like "fake" laughter, it
often turns into real authentic laughter. Playful exercises are generally the types of games you would play with a young child.

Time Magazine, The Huffington Post, and The New Yorker (subscription needed for
full article) have all written about laughter yoga. Though he has no affiliation with
laughter yoga, Dr. Stuart Brown gave an interesting TED talk on the importance
of play to the human brain. In addition, there is a plethora of information on
laughteryoga.org. Or check out a local article here about one of our leaders Jason, http://huntnewsnu.com/2011/02/laughter-meditation-a-trend-in-relaxation/

This group will be led by two experienced leaders – Deborah Bennett who is a
certified Laughter Yoga instructor and currently teaches it to veterans, and Jason
Jedrusiak, a certified yoga instructor who leads a weekly laughter groups at Northeastern University and throughout Boston.

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