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Create Tech Tools for public defenders and win $1,000!

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Create Tech Tools for public defenders and win $1,000!


We're looking for Boston developers, attorneys, and law students who want to hack the justice system!

Join the Tubman Project and Suffolk's LIT Lab on November 17th and 18th to help create open source tools for public defenders. We'll have three challenges and $3,000 for the teams that can conquer them.

There are no size requirements for teams and no need to form a team prior to the event. So you can work on your own or join up with folks when you arrive.

You'll receive a full set of constraints at the event, but for the most part we're platform agnostic. Solutions must, however, be open sourced and of use to public defenders. That means they have to be able to use them. Here's a brief outline of the three challenges, build: (1) a tool to automate review of video; (2) a secure encrypted survey, think signal + google forms; and (3) a "backup my alibi" tool that collects third-party contemporaneous records to bolster ones alibi, think social media posts with geolocation info.

We're looking for developers and attorneys since legal considerations will be just as important as technical ones. More to the point, they'll often be intertwined. For example, is there a possibility that communications across an encrypted channel may be subject to discovery? How do you assure that the alibi tool doesn't get misused as a secret tracker?

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Suffolk University
73 Tremont St. Room 5070 · Boston, ma
How to find us

You're name will be on a list at the front desk (assuming you RSVP'ed). You'll be asked to show ID. After checking in, head up the elevators to the 5th floor, and turn right. We'll be in rooms 5070, 5075 and 5120.

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