What we're about

We are... a club in Boston... that does stage combat... with lightsabers! I know, I know, spoilers... :)

We are not a generic Star Wars fan club; rather, we are modeled after a community theatre troupe. We are currently planning on 4 shows for our 2018-2019 season: Boston Comic Con (Aug 2018), Halloween, Arisia (Jan 2019), and May the 4th 2019 (tentatively scheduled for Brookline Library).

This meetup will be used to announce both when our shows will be, and our Beginners' Nights for people who are interested in joining us.

Beginners' Nights always precede auditions. To join the club, you do need to audition, although you don't need to be in every show: we expect many beginners will want to not be in the upcoming show, and will work on basics for the following show. That said, whether you're in the show or not, everyone is expected to work hard - a bit like joining a gym class.

One metaphor we use is a frisbee metaphor. There are lots of ways to have fun with your friends and playing frisbee. One is to hit the beach, knock back a few cold drinks, and toss a frisbee. Another is to join a competitive ultimate frisbee league team. BLSCC is more of the latter: we have drills, we have a set schedule, we have checkpoints to make sure individuals are performing well, etc. Nothing wrong with tossing a frisbee around on a beach - that's fun! - but that's not who we are.

Core values:

1, safety safety safety. You are responsible for your safety, your partner's safety, and the audience's safety.

2, inclusiveness. We welcome everyone and expect everyone to contribute to a welcoming environment: abusive, insulting, harassing, or intimidating behavior will not be tolerated.

3, sharing. Come to learn, come to teach! We all have experience from different walks of life: come share what you know and learn from others. If you are here to work with people to make both of you look awesome at stage combat, you're in the right place. Those who want to pump up their ego about how cool a fighter they are, need not attend.

Boston Lightsaber Stage Combat Club is an 18+ group.


"Do I need a lightsaber to attend?"

Nope! We have loaners.

"Are there any fees?"

No charges for anything.

"Where can I find more info?"

Our homepage is http://www.bostonlightsaber.com ; we are Boston Lightsaber on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BostonLightsaber) and you can follow us on Instagram via @bostonlightsaber.

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Beginners' Night at Boston Lightsaber!

50 Vassar St

Beginners' Night!

50 Vassar St

Beginners' Night!

50 Vassar St

Beginners' Night

50 Vassar St, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02142

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