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Meditation is beautiful, but it isn’t always pretty. It’s not about glowing sunsets and bowls of kale. Mindfulness is a living, breathing practice that can change anyone’s life the way it changed mine and countless others: by developing skillful living from clear seeing and self-knowing. This group is not for the chosen few with limber bodies, quiet minds, and serene faces. We are open to everyone, regardless of background, previous experience, or ability to squeeze into seated lotus ... because enlightenment doesn't care if you're wearing yoga pants.

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We Are That Which We Seek. Wait, What?

Watertown Center for Healing Arts

At a retreat I attended this past weekend, the teacher shared this quote: "we are that which we seek." During the Q+A at the end, a young woman in the front row asked what this meant. (The teacher said that he wouldn't dream of depriving her of the reward of working it out for herself. :) ) I arrived at two of my own conclusions; my hunch is that at least one of them is what the quote's originator meant. I invite everyone to contemplate its meaning over the next week or so, and we'll discuss our interpretations at this event. (If you just want to be a fly on the wall for the discussion, that's fine too; there's no mandatory participation, it will be completely free-form.) We'll also have our customary sitting and time for general discussion. **LOCATION CHANGE** This event will take place in the Charles River Room at the Watertown Center for Healing Arts. It's about two blocks from the library where we've been meeting. The room is most easily accessible via the 17 Spring St. entrance (NOT the 22 Mount Auburn St. entrance) -- there's a large parking lot on that side for CVS and other businesses, and once you come in that entrance, just go up the stairs and the Charles River Room is right there next to the small kitchen area. **AND, AMENITY CHANGE** This site has cushions as well as chairs! ;) Feel free to bring your own cushion, use one of the ones already provided, or grab a chair. I'm looking forward to sharing and sitting with you all once again!

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Why We Fail At Acceptance, And How To ACTUALLY Let Go

Watertown Free Public Library

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