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Meditation is beautiful, but it isn’t always pretty. It’s not about glowing sunsets and bowls of kale. Mindfulness is a living, breathing practice that can change anyone’s life the way it changed mine and countless others: by developing skillful living from clear seeing and self-knowing. This group is not for the chosen few with limber bodies, quiet minds, and serene faces. We are open to everyone, regardless of background, previous experience, or ability to squeeze into seated lotus ... because enlightenment doesn't care if you're wearing yoga pants.

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Pitfall! (Mindfulness and Insight Meditation Traps)

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Like any path worth walking, our spiritual journeys are fraught with traps. New practitioners often encounter confusion from common paradoxes, and experienced meditators discover new (and increasingly sneaky!) tar pits as practice deepens. In this session, we'll examine a few of these fun little hurdles and how to skillfully navigate them.

This session will follow our usual format: we'll open with a brief talk, followed by a 25-minute guided meditation and a Q+A/discussion period.

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I'm looking forward to sitting and sharing with you all once again!

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Breaking Addiction To Thinking

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