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Meditation is beautiful, but it isn’t always pretty. It’s not about glowing sunsets and bowls of kale. Mindfulness is a living, breathing practice that can change anyone’s life the way it changed mine and countless others: by developing skillful living from clear seeing and self-knowing. This group is not for the chosen few with limber bodies, quiet minds, and serene faces. We are open to everyone, regardless of background, previous experience, or ability to squeeze into seated lotus ... because enlightenment doesn't care if you're wearing yoga pants.

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Workshop: Mindfulness for the Professionally Anxious

Watertown Center for Healing Arts

Tickets: https://mindfulness-for-the-professionally-anxious.eventbrite.com Seating: Limited seating is available and tickets are being sold through other outlets in addition to our Meetup group, so please be sure to reserve your spot in advance if you wish to attend. Three investment levels are offered to make this session as accessible as possible. Overview: • Do you feel like everything will be ok if you "just get that one last thing done?" (And then the next "last thing" ... and the next ...) • Do you take your work home (and everywhere else) with you ... in your head? Have you noticed that it doesn't really help, but you still can't stop? • Do other people somehow not seem as stressed as you feel? • Are you pretty sure you could get it all together if life would just pause for, say, a freakin' minute or two? In "Mindfulness for the Professionally Anxious," you'll learn: • The source of obsessive thinking, how it causes anxiety, and why it's not your fault (really!). • Scientifically-proven methods that break the cycle of fear and actually rewire your brain for peace. • The one powerful question that brings instant clarity. • How the "Totem Pole" technique calms your inner control freak. Full event details: https://mindfulness-for-the-professionally-anxious.eventbrite.com Location: This event will take place in the Skylight Studio at the Watertown Center for Healing Arts. Please use the 22 Mount Auburn St. entrance (not the Spring St. entrance) and come up the stairs, and we will be in the last door on the left just before the restrooms. Parking: There's plenty of parking in the lot on Spring St., as well as street parking on Mount Auburn St. and a small lot on a short side street on the first right after the WCHA entrance (when heading toward Watertown Square). Feel free to bring your own cushion, use one of the ones already provided, or use a chair. I'm looking forward to sharing and sitting with you all once again!

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How To Be Damn Sure Your Practice Went Off The Rails

Watertown Free Public Library

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