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Boston, MA

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May 3, 2016

What do you want to achieve by attending our meet ups?

I am passionate about music and music tech. I explore my passion through djing and unique classes at MIT that have not only allowed me to further my knowledge of music technology but also to be connected to professionals in the industry. I am always looking to learn more and to bounce ideas off of others.

Share what you've done/doing with Music & Technology!

As I mentioned, I dj frequently for events around Cambridge (I actually just participated in a Redbull-sponsered dj competition at MIT). I am also in a music technology course that teaches audio synthesis and design and places an emphasis on recreating acoustic environments using a programming language. Using the language Pure Data, we are able to synthesize anything (like the ocean for example) using only fundamental sounds such as oscillators and noise. I am also in a music learning course that is co-hosted by Berklee college of music that brought in interesting lecturers in order for us to analyze artistic expression and the way that people learn how to play music. For the final project, I am working on an app that will inspire people through expert level djing without the difficulty and knowledge curve of djing (I don't want to reveal too much about the project).

What part of combining music with technology do you find most intriguing?

I absolutely love that my passion for math and science is so well connected to music. Almost every topic in my differential calculus and electrical engineering could be applied to musical topics.

What are your favorite music Apps?

Traktor Pro, Spotify, Shazam

iTunes or Spotify?