• #90: IoT & BlueTech. Instrumenting the maritime world. May 30. SMAST East. NB.

    The 'Blue Economy' -- the intersection of sustainable business and healthy oceans -- is being fueled by 'BlueTech'. Billions are being invested in Blue Economy initiatives and BlueTech startups. BlueTech is a broad collection of technical developments -- IoT, ML/DL/AI, autonomous enablement and more -- optimized for marine environments and operations. It is the genetic/ microbiological and biochemical advances that are enabling the next generation of food and fuel harvest opportunities in oceans. It is also the broad collection of industrial advancements that hold promise to regenerate oceans health, even as we partner more closely with the ocean environments to support climate resilience, population health and more sustainable/ equitable and inclusive economic development. But IoT might be THE keystone killer enabling technology for any of the dreams we have about oceans health, food security and coastal resilience. Join us as we welcome a broad collection of contributors to the BlueTech Corridor in Southeastern New England and the Blue Economy on the Eastern Seaboard. 1. Seahead -- The region's premier BlueTech/ BlueEconomy Venture Advisory firm and Innovation hub connecting innovators with industry, science, capital and funders. 2. Vineyard Wind -- One of the nation's leading developers of off shore wind. 3. New Bedford Ocean Cluster -- Is a consortium of innovators from across the maritime stakeholder communities here in New England and Europe, and the manager of The Marine DataBank/ Exchange. 4. HUB International -- One of the nation's largest insurance/ risk advisors and brokers, to discuss cyber and climate resilience in maritime operations. 5. Josua Riazi -- One of the East Coast's most sought after Consulting Executive Chefs discussing opportunities to market marine products to a broad collection of market segments. They will be joined by a number of local innovators and entrepreneurs from the commercial fleet, research community and others to share ideas on how the latest generation of digital tools is enabling resilience on their teams, in their companies, customer and investors. Networking starts at 530. Presentations 600. New Bedford has a strong collection of local restaurants within 2 miles of the SMAST East Facility: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g60913-New_Bedford_Massachusetts.html

  • #89: Symposium on Securing IoT. 10/29-10/31. Natick. 30% DISCOUNT link.

    Link for DISCOUNT: https://www.securingthenet.com/speaker-special Link for DETAILS: www.securingthenet.com/agenda Two Days of Powerful Talks 29-31 October 2018 Symposium begins with Networking Reception - Evening October 29th ​ The Symposium began with the inaugural conference in San Francisco March 2018. The conference focused on IoT Security, Secure Payments, Medical Device Security, Smart Cities, Block chain and other topics centered around IoT Security. As the world continues to become more connected, 20+ Billion IoT devices, protecting our devices and systems are critical. Linked devices (vehicles, computers, phones, industrial systems, personal assistants, homes, etc.), user identity and authentication all need a high level of security. As hacking, phishing, DDOS and ransomware continue to increase, one thing is certain: ​ Securing The Internet of Things is critical to our survival! ​ The Symposium on Securing The Internet of Things will feature keynote speakers from the leading industry companies who are solving the issues of IoT and secure connectivity. There will also be engaging round table debates with industry experts, colleagues and peers. ​ ​Join other industry visionaries and meet in the Technology Capital of Boston in October 2018, this two-day event is packed with discussions on such topics as: ​ Secure Medical & Healthcare systems Connected Vehicles & Cities Industrial IoT Security Secure Payments & Transactions, Authenticating Blockchain, Bit Coin and smart contracts. Current Challenges and Prospects for the IoT Industry 4.0 Standardization of IoT platform security

  • #88: An Update on the Impact of IoT. From regional, global leaders. 09/24.

    Weiss Center, Mass Tech Collaborative Campus

    What a long strange trip it has been since we all began this journey. 5 years ago, we were talking about connectivity and cloud. And then protocols and standards. And then sensors and silicon and hardware. And then subscriptions and services. And throughout: security, financing, scaling -- at every Meetup. In between was AR/ VR, big data, commissioning, strategic partnerships, blockchain and more. What have we learned? What should we be talking about now? Come join us. Amazing speakers lined up, including: (1) Hussain Mohamed alMahmoudi, CEO, AUSE -- Building out some of the largest investments in IoT in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia (2) Seniors from PTC -- With an update on the latest from the region's largest IoT solutions provider. (3) David Stephenson -- Author of ... The Future of Smart: How Your Company Can Capitalize on The Internet of Things -- and Win in a Connected Economy

  • #87: Ride-along workshop w/Intel IoT. 10 SPOTS LEFT! Plink the link to register

    Weiss Center, Mass Tech Collaborative Campus

    NOTE: Due to the cost and value of the workshop, space is limited. To RSVP, please plink this link: https://iotevents.intel.com/Boston-Q3-2018/ In this Intel® Industrial IoT Workshop you will learn through a combination of lectures, demos and hands-on exercises the standards and technologies that Intel uses to integrate industry and Internet to extract new value from Industry 4.0 processes. Topics covered include an introduction to the concepts of cyber-physical modeling, industrial standards in real-time communications protocols, sensors, automation, security, and analytics. We will discuss deployment in both greenfield and brownfield deployments. We will also lay the foundations of how next generation computer vision systems and deep learning will continue to improve worker safety, reduce downtimes and product defects and provide new revenue streams and increased ROI through real time data.

  • #86: Ride-Along at PTC Oktoberfest. 09/20. SeaportDistrict.

    Limited tickets available. Register today: https://bit.ly/2NvSOMK It’s PTC and MassChallenge’s annual Oktoberfest party and tech showcase! You’re invited to get your oompah on, for free, at this tech networking event. At this event, you’ll: 1. Enjoy Oktoberfest delights like beer, sausages, and fresh, soft pretzels 2. Showcase your strength in the stein-hoisting competition with awesome prizes 3. Meet the best IoT & AR entrepreneurs from the MassChallenge 2018 cohort and alumni 4. Network with the doers and makers from PTC’s vibrant ecosystem of partners and developers, along with MassChallenge’s alumni, sponsors, and partners 5. Get hands on with the interactive IoT and Augmented Reality experiences DATE & TIME: Thursday, Sept. 20th @ 5-7pm LOCATION: 19 Drydock Ave, Boston (Seaport) Limited tickets available. Register today: https://bit.ly/2NvSOMK

  • #89 Ridealong: a reading from The Future Is Smart, my IoT strategy book!

    I've been MIA most of the last year, writing my new HarperCollins Leadership book on IoT strategy (I think it's 1st one on that aspect of the IoT), "The Future Is Smart." I hope you can join me for this reading and signing for the book. Most of the contents will be no surprise to Meetup members, but I think it can be invaluable as a sales aid, especially if you're trying to convince skeptical mainstream companies that the IoT is both affordable and profitable. I outline incremental strategies beginning with improving maintenance and operations, then go to more dramatic transformations. There's an entire chapter on how Siemens and GE, two of the world's oldest companies, have transformed their operations through the IoT. In addition to GE, there are also a number of other local examples cited, including BigBelly, PTC and Mendix. What you won't find elsewhere are dire warnings (based on my years as an award-winning crisis manager) of the dangers of not following an EU-style "privacy by design" strategy -- lack of customer or corporate strategy, especially in this day of constant privacy and security violations, can croak you. The book's outside-the-box conclusion answers the question Heppelmann and Porter raised in their second HBR article on the IoT on how it may affect management. I argue that the fact that -- for the first time -- everyone who needs access to real-time data to do a better job and/or make better decisions can SHARE (the verb is critical!!) that data instantly can eliminate data silos, create unprecedently precision, and unleash incredible creativity and innovation! If you can't make the Providence event I'll also be doing a reading at our Sept. 24th event! http://bit.ly/2vW8IbN

  • #85: Ride-Along. 06/19. Security of Things Summit. Co-Located with PTC LiveWORX

    Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

    Join us for the 5th Security of Things Forum this June 19th at the Boston Convention and Expo Center. Your ticket to Security of Things also gets you access to PTC LiveWorx the world's most respected digital transformation conference for the enterprise. Tickets are available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-security-of-things-forum-2018-incl-liveworx-explorer-or-all-access-pass-tickets-43056472067 Boston/New England IoT MeetUp members get $75 off any ticket with the promo code BOSIOT or using this link. Highlights of this year's show: + A keynote address by New York Times best selling author and futurist Cory Doctorow,the co-editor of Boing Boing (boingboing.net) a special advisor to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the author of INFORMATION DOESN’T WANT TO BE FREE. + A CTO's panel moderated by Chris Rezendes of Context Labs on securing real world IoT deployments featuring Chris Cacioppo, the CTO of warehouse robotics firm 6River Systems. + A featured talk by Joshua Corman, Chief Security Officer of PTC and founder of I Am the Cavalry. Josh will present "Bits and Bytes, Flesh and Blood: The Real Cyber Consequences of Unsafe IoT' + A featured talk by Internet of Things identity firm CSS Security on managing identity and security at IoT scale + A panel discussion on fast evolving IoT standards and frameworks sponsored by UL (Underwriters Lab) and moderated by Rob Black of Fractional CISO and featuring Ken Modeste Director of Connected Technologies at Underwriters Lab, William Brown of Tyco/Johnson Controls and Brian Russell of The Cloud Security Alliance's IoT Working Group. + A demonstration of cutting edge IoT threats and attacks by Senrio with CTO Stephen Ridley and Chief of Research M. Carlton demonstrating "Lateral Attacks Between Connected Devices" featuring + IoT innovator talks by the CEOs of start-ups ReFirm Labs and Zuul. Our 2018 Theme: Partnering for IoT Security SECoT will focus on the theme of "Partnering for IoT Security." We will explore the obstacles that real world IoT security implementations face in arenas such as critical infrastructure, manufacturing and healthcare and possible solutions for bridging the gap between idea and execution of secure Internet of Things infrastructure! This is an event that can’t be missed! Contact Security of Things MeetUp organizer Paul Roberts ([masked]) if you have any questions!

  • #84: FULL SPEAKER SLATE. IoT/ BlueTech & Maritime/ Oceans Opps. May 23. SMAST NB

    UMASS, SMAST - School of Marine Science and Technology

    SPEAKERS, PANELISTS AND TOPICS: (1) How digital is enabling sustainability in fisheries and resilience in coastal waters and communities. Ed Anthes-Washburn, Port of New Bedford. (2) Industry 4.0 enables sustainable fisheries with market-based waste processing. Louis Spencer, Advanced Marine Technologies. (3) Traceability is a killer app in commercial fisheries supply chains. Cassie Canastra, BASE New England/ Whaling City Display Auction and Mike Carroll, LegitFISH (4) AI in video for trawl surveys supporting fish stock assessment, policy, fleet operations. Dr. Kevin Stokesbury, SMAST. (5) Digital twins, threads and the future of sustainable aquaculture as a keystone in food security. Eli Powell, New Bedford Ocean Cluster. (6) Small scale ASV/ AUV in commercial maritime applications. Durval Tavares, CEO, Aquabotix (7) Big data, small data, trusted data, analytics, applications in traditional industries and emerging BlueTech. Liz Wiley, Spherical|Analytics Greater New Bedford has been recognized for the 17th year in a row as the #1 fishing port in North America by value of landed seafood product. Through its growing list of global partners, New Bedford is driving a number of exciting approaches to sustainable fisheries, oceans health and coastal resilience. The region is emerging as a hub for marine renewable green tech, blue tech and a host of resilience tools, methods, leadership. Join regional and global leaders from academic and research institutions, fleet operations, sensing/ instrumentation, autonomous vehicles, data analytics and of course, Iots of instrumentation.

  • Meetup #83 Resched. April 25. PKI & secure IoT, IoT in renewables, IoT in water

    A number of new friends will be in town, again, and share their experiences securing our critical infrastructure systems, and/or securing the IIoT that is monitoring and managing same. Talks will come from companies such as: (1) Alistair Pim, New England Clean Energy Council (2) Nick Hayes, Wellntel (3) Mark Thompson, Certified Security Solutions. A few others of note ... • What to bring: Hard questions, your own experiences, partners, investors, others ... • Important to know

  • #83: WED 21st at Northeastern. CANCELLED - WEATHER. Will resched. Thank you

    Northeastern University Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex

    • What we'll do SUPER Meetup in partnership with Paul Roberts Security of Things Meetup. Hosted by Professor Peter O'Reilly and Akash Anand from Northeastern University IoTConnect -- a NU Student/ Faculty/ Alumni group researching and building the future instrumented world. We will hear from and talk with leaders from the front line of developing and deploying secure IoT solutions in the real world. Topics will include: (1) CSS Security Solutions, Mark Thompson. IoT and private key infrastructure (PKI) https://css-security.com (2) BlackRidge Technology, John Walsh: IoT and identity/ access management (IAM) https://blackridge.us (3) American Cyber Security Center, Lisa Johnson: IoT in an ecosystem context -- tools, processes, people https://acscenter.org ... we have others ... stay tuned ... EVERY speaker will be reaching back into cases from their recent funded projects and programs. There will be NO food or drink -- we will get you next time. • What to bring Bring your experience(s) ... bring a friend ... bring your team ... we have room for 300. • Important to know (1) NO fee (2) NO food (3) NO marketing (4) MUST come with open mind (5) MUST be prepared to ask and answer hard questions ...