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Boston Node #6: !(NoSQL instanceof NoSQL)

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On Wednesday, December 6th at 6:00pm, Boston Node will be holding our next meetup at WeWork in Back Bay. Join us for a can't miss evening of tech discussions and networking opportunities!

Entry is free and we will include drinks and food thanks to our great sponsors.

This month's meetup is the result of recent discussion in the community about NoSQL database technologies. We wanted to take the opportunity to gear a meetup in the hope of answering the many questions about the numerous types of NoSQL/NewSQL databases, and break down when and why you should use these technologies. We are loaded with great speakers including Dan Fields, Christine Yen, Ning Shi and Jeffrey Abbot plus live entertainment by d'ella.

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We're looking forward to seeing you all there — can't wait for another awesome Boston Node.JS meetup!

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——Event opens at 6:00pm, talks to start around 6:30pm——

Live DJ mix by d'ella 6:00pm - ~7:00pm

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Talk #1: NoSQL Roundup with Dan Fields (@danielsfields (

There is a lot of confusion out there about the various kinds of NoSQL, and NewSQL, technologies. Document stores, graph databases, columnar databases, graph databases, and the list goes on. This confusion has lead to a good deal of less than optimal deployments, pain, and, ultimately, antipathy.

In this brief talk, Dan will walk us through a high-level explanation of the various NoSQL technologies available to us, how they work, and provide some dos and don'ts for their implementation.

Dan’s career has afforded him an opportunity to work with a wide variety teams in numerous industries. His professional goal is to utilize his experience to build cohesive, high-performing engineering teams that use a data-driven approach to solve complex problems. These days you can find him at Liberty Mutual, where he is working as a technologist, and helping to transform the way the insurance market does business. When he’s not working or contributing to open source projects, you can find him tending to his smoker and making BBQ.

Talk #2: Observing MongoDB, a Tour with Christine Yen (@cyen (

How do you know your MongoDB cluster is behaving, and how do you track down errant queries? We'll do a whirlwind tour of the various ways we can find out what's happening with our MongoDB cluster, the tradeoffs of each approach, and what to watch out for.

Christine Yen is the Co-founder of Honeycomb.


Quick break ~7:30pm - 7:45pm

Live DJ mix by d'ella


Talk #3: Solving Real-world Use Cases With NewSQL Database VoltDB with Ning Shi (@ihsgnin (

Building a system that performs transactions on relentless streams of data, at rates of 100,000 to 1,000,000+ transactions a second, presents many hurdles. Concurrency, latency, consistency, and correctness are among the toughest challenges.

Being fast is not enough. Accuracy, consistency and ease of use are also key to the solution. Users often look for familiar concepts such as relational data model and SQL to lower the learning curve and keep existing tooling working.

This talk focuses on what NewSQL means, what VoltDB is, and how to solve real-world problems with VoltDB.

Ning Shi is the Director of Engineering at VoltDB Inc. He has worked for VoltDB for more than seven years. He joined as one of the founding engineers before VoltDB 1.0 was released. Over the years, he was involved in most of the key early design decisions and implementation of the product.

Talk #4: An Overview of ElasticSearch with Jeffrey Abbott

The Elastic Stack enables use cases ranging from embedded search to operational and security analytics. We’ll look at how the platform both powers some of most popular sites, and allows NOC or SOC analysts to manage sprawling enterprise topologies. We’ll be showing the latest developments released in version 6 last week, including some examples of the Elastic Stack with NGINX logging.

Jeff Abbott, currently a Principal Solution Architect with Elastic, has 15+ years of experience engaging users with their data, whether through ‘traditional’ relational data and visualization tools, or bespoke search applications.


The event will be hosted by the fine folks at WeWork:

WeWork is a community of creators. We transform buildings into collaborative workspaces. Our mission is to help companies grow by providing them with not just beautiful space but benefits, amenities, and community they need to focus on their business, all on very flexible terms. We currently have over 100,000 Members working out of our communities worldwide, and over 5,000 members here in Boston.