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Anyone who has obsessive compulsive disorder and wants a place to talk with other members who have OCD are welcomed and anyone who needs help or support this would be a group for you.
Our meetings will help people bring people together and exchange stories and experiences on what they deal with and how they cope with OCD. This group is organized by Ryan Dumont who has OCD.
His biotech company Dumont Innovative technologies is working on a state of the art new treatment plan that includes a book, app, and wearable device that will be the first in the world for OCD. He is working with the top OCD experts in the world. A group like this will allow a community to be built to show there is a road to recovery.
Ryan Dumont would like to talk to individuals about their experiences and through a community show positive change can happen.

Dumont Innovative Technologies, LLC. Our true purpose is to show,"Your Brain Will Succeed."
Dumont Innovative Technologies is a start up company that aims to be a revolutionary self care, coping, heathcare biotechnology company. Our main focus is the health and well-being of all individuals who suffer, in particular those with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Through the creation and application of our book, medical device, app, and security storage, we strive to put our best effort to put all those who suffer on the road to recovery towards success and happiness. We envision and plan to have all our products be applied by the individual in a therapeutic environment surrounded by their medical team, and support system of friends and family. Through our philosophy that embodies unconditional love, it is our goal to help guide individuals who have OCD and other anxiety disorders on their road to recovery and in turn will bring relief to those who suffer and free up room in the domestic and international healthcare system in fueling research and have many think-tank pioneers and all people have the way and opportunity to change the world.

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