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This is the official Boston Meetup group for OpenMined.

OpenMined is an open-source community focused on researching, developing, and promoting tools for secure, privacy-preserving, value-aligned artificial intelligence.

It enables consumers to supply sensitive data without any risk, and machine learning practitioners to train models on that data while preserving consumer privacy. Thanks to recent developments in cryptography, AI-based products and services do not need a copy of a dataset in order to create value from it. Visit https://www.openmined.org/ if you’re curious to learn more about OpenMined.

Each event organized by this meetup will help advance one or more of our goals:

- Discuss the implications and future of private machine learning in our daily lives.

- Educate members about the main concepts powering secure and private AI such as Differential Privacy, Federated Learning, and Homomorphic Encryption.

- Promote the development of privacy-preserving projects using tools such as PySyft and Grid.

- Explore recently published techniques or papers relating to privacy and ML.

Chat with us on the OpenMined Slack (https://slack.openmined.org), and join the #boston channel.

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