March Boston People Analytics Meetup! Hosted by Takeda


Hey everyone, Happy New Year! It's been a slow start to the year but we are getting back on track and will have our next Meetup Event on March 5th and the Takeda offices in Cambridge! Food and drink will be provided.


Paul Batten - Liberty Mutual
Changing Skills "Early Warning System"

We’re using job market data to systematically monitor trends for all of our jobs at Liberty. We’ll be able to tell when external hiring for jobs is different than ours (e.g., everyone’s hiring for full stack engineers and we’re not) and when the market skill demands for a role are changing (e.g., insurance underwriting is becoming less analytical and more about sales/negotiation).

Cat Hoepner & Aaron Rodriguez - Wayfair
Words Matter:
How Text Analytics Can Enhance the Employee Experience

Wayfair is a Fortune 500 e-commerce
company experiencing rapid growth: both revenue and headcount have doubled since 2017. This environment requires adaptability from the business and its employees. Wayfair’s tech-savvy, scientifically-inclined talent analytics team develops scalable solutions
for generating detailed insights on their ever-changing employee base. This presentation outlines one of Wayfair’s Talent Analytics team’s most potent tools: analyzing text data through topic modeling. We will demonstrate the need for analyzing text; describe
the business uses and problems that topic modeling solves for; walk through the mechanics of topic modeling; and share how Wayfair has applied insights from topic modeling to enhance the employee experience and encourage fairness and inclusion.