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The Present and Future of PowerShell Core
Join Rob Pleau ( for a bit on PowerShell Core: Windows PowerShell has been around for over 10 years. In that time it has grown and gained significant adoption in the Windows world. In the past year PowerShell Core released, as an open source, cross platform, next generation version of PowerShell. There are some catches however as it's not quite the same as Windows PowerShell... Though the differences are shrinking more and more each release. We'll take a look at installing and using it on both Windows and Linux! We'll talk about what's new in PowerShell Core, and what makes it different from Windows PowerShell. See how to use the Windows compatibility module to fill some gaps that exist today on the Windows side when using PowerShell Core. In addition we'll look at OpenSSH and using it for PowerShell remoting on both Windows and Linux. Bring an ID, sign in on the tablets at the front desk. Our host is Steve Parankewich. Thanks to Biogen for the space, and SAPIEN for the food Parking: $8 for this one Transportation: Located near Kendall/MIT Red Line MBTA stop


225 Binney Street · Cambridge