Genomics in the Cloud - Boston Bioconductor Meetup

Boston R/Bioconductor for Genomics
Boston R/Bioconductor for Genomics
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Please make sure to show up early.

There is limited space available.

This meetup will be focus on access, computation, analysis and storage of Genomics in the Cloud.

We are delighted we have excellent and distinguished speakers who are leaders in this emerging field.

- Sean Davis from the National Cancer Institute

Title: Cloud Computing and Bioconductor for Genomic Big Data

Bio: Sean Davis, National Cancer Institute is a member of the Bioconductor Technical Advisory Board, and has written numerous Bioconductor packages including GEOquery and methylumi. His recent R/Bioconductor packages enable cloud genomics and include cRomwell ( and GenomicDataCommons ( which are on available his github site: . Follow Sean's on twitter @seandavis12 (

- Nan Xiao

Title: Cancer Genomics Cloud & R: Find, Access, and Analyze Petabyte-Scale Cancer Genomic Data on the Cloud

Bio: Nan Xiao is a Genomics Data Scientist with Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud ( and is the maintainer and main developer of sevenbridges ( Bioconductor package which allows one to connect and use the Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud ( within R. Nan is the author and maintainer of the R packages: sevenbridges, liftr, hdnom, ggsci, grex, msaenet, enpls, RECA, protr, and Rcpi --- all freely available from CRAN or Bioconductor. His website: .

These talks will followed by lightning talks. If you would like to present a lightning talk related to genomic data analysis in the cloud, please contact any one of the organizers.

Lightning Talks will include;

• Jon Bloom (, Broad Institute, will talk about Hail (, an open source scalable framework for exploring and analyzing genetic data

• Kenichi Shimada, ( Mitchison Laboratory/ Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology
Harvard Medical School will talk about shiny apps for pharmco & toxico- genomics

• Artem Sokolov, Director of Informatics and Modeling, Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School will talk about an R package; gelnet (, that provides extensions of elastic net regularization

Afterwards all are invited to The Squealing Pig ( for networking (cash bar)

We would like to thank our sponsors at Seven Bridges who will be providing food and refreshments for this event.

About Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges is the biomedical data analysis company accelerating breakthroughs in genomics research for cancer, drug development and precision medicine. The scalable, cloud-based Seven Bridges Platform ( empowers rapid, collaborative analysis of millions of genomes in concert with other forms of biomedical data. Thousands of researchers in government, biotech, pharmaceutical and academic labs use Seven Bridges, including three of the largest genomics projects in the world: U.S. National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Genomics Cloud pilot (, the Million Veteran Program (, and Genomics England’s 100,000 Genomes Project ( As the NIH’s only commercial Trusted Partner (, Seven Bridges authenticates and authorizes access to one of the world’s largest cancer genomics dataset. Named one of the world's smartest companies ( by MIT Technology Review, Seven Bridges has offices in Cambridge, Mass.; Belgrade; London; Istanbul; and San Francisco.