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REBT stands for "Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy" and is the original form of cognitive behavior therapy developed by Dr. Albert Ellis in 1955.

The Boston REBT society is a group of individuals dedicated to learning and practicing cognitive therapeutic techniques that enhance their ability to effectively manage and reduce the incidence of unhealthy negative emotions such as anger, depression and anxiety. We strive to serve as living examples of how the successful practice of such techniques can be of great benefit to oneself and society at large.

If you are interested in this meetup and want to develop a general understanding of REBT beforehand, feel free to check out the following links:

http://www.rebtnetwork.org/whatis.html - A general description of the theory and practices of REBT

https://www.amazon.com/Guide-Rational-Living-Albert-Ellis/dp/0879800429 - One of the most popular books written by Dr. Albert Ellis on the topic of REBT

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