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React Native is a new and exciting way to develop native apps on mobile devices. We'll discuss various challenges and discoveries that we encounter while programming in React Native. We'll participate in programming challenges and we'll all learn together.

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App Performance and Bluetooth

EF Education First Regional Hub

🎤 App Performance: Tools and Optimizations 🎤 Andrew Goodale (https://twitter.com/andrewg95) Diagnosing and fixing performance problems in React Native apps can be a complicated endeavor. The documentation for many tools is sparse. Knowing where to look can be a challenge. This talk will give you an overview into the techniques my team used to analyze and fix performance issues in our large application. You’ll learn about the Stall Debugger, the JavaScript runtime, and ways to instrument your code to better find performance bottlenecks. --- Andrew is a senior mobile engineer at Upserve, Inc. in Providence. He's been doing React Native for the past two years. Before that, he was building web applications in React, and iOS applications in Objective-C. Andres has been writing software since 1995 for companies large and small. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎤 Bluetooth at Humon 🎤 Dan Wiese (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dpwiese) TBD --- Dan's bio coming soon!

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