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How React Native powers a Prescribable Drug and React Native CLI's Plugin System

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We're closing out August with two speakers looking at React Native from a couple different angles. We'll hear about best practices when creating shared components and learn how to create a React Native CLI plugin to help automate repetitive or complicated tasks.

🎤 Creating Plugins for the React Native CLI 🎤
Ray Deck (

Do you have advanced app configuration needs? Do you want to initialize permissions? Change the gradle ? Update your project to allow Kotlin code? Do you want to do this repeatably, with access to your environment variables and without requiring opening Xcode or Studio?

React Native has a powerful command line interface you can extend via its plugin system to orchestrate the initialization, configuration, and management of your apps. We will discuss extending the CLI in two ways: hooking "react-native link" for accelerated changes to native code as well as extending the react-native command palette.

Attendees will take away the knowledge - and hopefully inspiration - to start extending the React Native CLI to automate and streamline configuration of their apps without ever opening a GUI.


Ray Deck is CTO of Element55. He has been in mobile development since J2ME and is the author of over 50 react-native packages on NPM, including react-native-swift.

🎤 Can a React Native mobile application treat disease? 🎤
Jeremy Gilbert

We use mobile devices every day — we all know they change our daily behavior and even have been shown to affect our health. But can they act as a prescribable drug?

In September 2017, Pear Therapeutics became first company in the world to receive FDA market authorization for a mobile application that actually improves disease outcomes. Our application — which treats substance use disorder — can be prescribed by a doctor just like a drug and even receive reimbursement from drug companies. In 2018 we are following up this achievement by building additional applications in multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia. Pear has built a ground-breaking, interdisciplinary team of software engineers, product designers, clinical psychologists, medical experts, and drug commercialization leaders. Together we work on deeply understanding our patients and building great software in order to create the world’s first generation of “digital therapeutics.”

React Native has been central to our technology strategy. Our applications must pass rigorous FDA-mandated testing and validation, and work consistently across many different devices. React Native has been instrumental in addressing these needs for agility and reliable testing. Furthermore, we must maintain strict control over application behavior and program logic based on the particular type of patient we are treating - a key application for descriptive programming models. In this talk, I’ll cover some of the reasons why we love React Native, and how we are using it to deliver an entire pipeline of new digital therapeutics. I’ll also discuss our approach to UI componentization, some lessons learned from early iterations, and share some of the future efforts we are making to ensure consistency across our next-generation therapeutic apps.

Come join me to learn how React Native is advancing the edge of medicine!


Jeremy Gilbert is the CTO / CPO of Pear Therapeutics.