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Developing w/ Bluetooth, Onboarding New Devs, and Stylizing Components

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Chris B. and Anthony L.
Developing w/ Bluetooth, Onboarding New Devs, and Stylizing Components


🎀 How to develop on unfamiliar stacks without completely losing your mind (Featuring bluetooth!) 🎀
Alex Jarvis (

Integrating an unfamiliar hardware peripheral in your React Native app can be painful, especially if you're not super familiar with either stack. Come learn from the mistakes of GnarCo. Developer Alex Jarvis as he describes his adventure in Bluetooth/React Native integration and how you could do it so, so much better than he did.


Alex Jarvis is a developer working out of the Gnar Co offices in downtown Boston - or, is that only what he wants you to think?


🎀 Onboarding new developers to React Native...who contribute immediately 🎀
Dave Barner (

Are you a react native engineer who's curious what other React Native engineers know and do every day?
Is your startup looking to transition a non-react native engineer to work on a react native project?
Is your startup looking to higher a new react native developer, but having a hard time finding one?

In this session we'll kick idea: an open source curriculum to mastering react native. Together we'll find out what folks know, and where each of us can find areas to improve.


Dave Barner is a React Native and Ruby/Rails developer at Qeepsake, a platform to help parents store and share precious memories about their newborns. He's passionate about mobile development, and knows he has many large mountains left to climb to master its craft. In his spare time he enjoys all the glorious coffee this world has to offer, and occasionally attempting a far-too-aggressive fitness routine.


⚑️🎀 Stop Copying, Start Standardizing 🎀⚑️
Paul Darragh

How to build your own stylized components in React Native.


Hi I am Paul, Tall Paul if it helps, I am a full stack developer working at Massmutual. Outside of work I am working on an app called Coupler and planning a fast approaching wedding.

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