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Unit Testing and Redux + Redux Sagas (Workshop Series)

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Unit Testing and Redux + Redux Sagas (Workshop Series)


If you haven't voted already, please do so here (Also, please reach out if you would be interested in leading a session):

We thought we could try something different this month! Instead of the usual talks, perhaps we could split into a couple of groups for a more focused and in-depth experience. We'll also have an open area to work and ask questions (all levels welcome), so feel free to bring your laptops! Sessions will begin around 7pm.

🎤 Unit Testing in React Native 🎤
Unit testing in React-Native abides by all the typical rules of unit testing in node based languages but has its quirks in its implementation. This talk will show engineers how to properly approach testing data-driven components' lifecycles in React-Native.
My name is Matthew Messier and I have been a professional frontend software engineer for 3 years. I graduated from Stonehill College in 2016. I began at Fidelity Investments as an Angular developer then moved to Dispatch in 2018 as a React and React Native developer.
Fun facts: I play bass guitar in a band here in Boston and love singing live karaoke.

🎤 Redux and Redux Sagas, A Straightforward Implementation 🎤
I am a practical software developer - I don’t like to use anything that
is not really needed. In my opinion, Redux is needed and Redux Sagas
are a little cleaner than using Redux Thunks. I will demonstrate this in both a very simple implementation ( along with a more complex but useful example that works with a remote backend.
Nick Sophinos is a 20-year software development veteran who approaches React Native from an enterprise perspective.

🏢 About the Venue 🏢
Dispatch, headquartered in Boston, is one of the fastest-growing software companies in America. Leveraging our proprietary adaptive platform and industry-leading technology integrations, Dispatch partners with customer-centric brands to simplify complex home service networks.

We are not a software vendor. We are a brand partner – delivering extraordinary value using a synthesis of our platform, people, and partnership approach. Backed by Vista Equity Partners, Dispatch continues to revolutionize the home service experience for brands, service providers, and end customers just like you.

Dispatch approaches product development with an engineering-first mindset, always thinking about how to build software with consistency, creativity, and intelligence. Because of this, our products reflect our people. Our team has the freedom to do good work and the flexibility to do it their way, creating opportunities to take on real responsibility and have a meaningful impact on the business.
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