• Creating a Business with React Native and Rapid Feature Delivery

    470 Atlantic Ave

    ⭐BONUS ⭐ Have you ever wanted to visit Amsterdam and attend a React Conference? Well, this could be your chance! We'll be raffling off a free conference ticket to React Summit (https://reactsummit.com), so make sure to attend and enter :)

    Hope everyone had a wonderful new year! We are back to kick off 2020 with some React Native fun. A lot of exciting new things have been happening in the React space, if you're interested in giving a talk (now or in the future), please send the admins a message or ping us on slack! (https://bostonreactnative-slack.now.sh)

    As always, all experience levels are welcome :)

    🎤 Making a React Native Money Tree 🎤
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Principles and philosophies to make money with your react native skills. You can trade your time for money, but can you trade your time for a money tree?

    In this talk I'll take you on a journey through creating a react native application and the supporting ecosystem, explore ways to accept payments, and demonstrate one possible route you can take to elevate your side project to a side hustle.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    My name is Stephen Abrahamsen, I'm here to spread some infectious m o t i v a t i o n

    I have 7 followers, pity me and follow me https://twitter.com/wizebin
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    🎤 Have Your App and Eat It Too: a crazy (and) fun new approach to rapid feature delivery on mobile 🎤
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    This is what happens when web developers try to bend a mobile app to their greedy impatient will, without making any compromises whatsoever.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Francis Nimick is a lead software engineer at Outcomes4Me, developers of mobile apps for empowering cancer patients. Before Outcomes4Me, Francis is a graduate of Northeastern and has worked previously at Intuit, InsightSquared and Jobcase.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    🏢 About the Venue 🏢
    At MassMutual, we help millions of people find financial freedom, offer financial protection and plan for the future. We do this by building trust with our customers by being knowledgeable problem solvers and prioritize their needs above all else. We Live Mutual.

    We have the financial security and stability of a 160+ year old company, with the culture and energy of a startup. If this sounds like a fit for you or you’re interested in learning more, join us at our Boston Campus. 470 Atlantic Ave, February 19th, 6:00-8:00.

  • Unit Testing and Redux + Redux Sagas (Workshop Series)

    Dispatch HQ

    If you haven't voted already, please do so here (Also, please reach out if you would be interested in leading a session): https://forms.gle/jjoci3n9aWtyrpc9A

    We thought we could try something different this month! Instead of the usual talks, perhaps we could split into a couple of groups for a more focused and in-depth experience. We'll also have an open area to work and ask questions (all levels welcome), so feel free to bring your laptops! Sessions will begin around 7pm.

    🎤 Unit Testing in React Native 🎤
    Unit testing in React-Native abides by all the typical rules of unit testing in node based languages but has its quirks in its implementation. This talk will show engineers how to properly approach testing data-driven components' lifecycles in React-Native.
    My name is Matthew Messier and I have been a professional frontend software engineer for 3 years. I graduated from Stonehill College in 2016. I began at Fidelity Investments as an Angular developer then moved to Dispatch in 2018 as a React and React Native developer.
    Fun facts: I play bass guitar in a band here in Boston and love singing live karaoke.

    🎤 Redux and Redux Sagas, A Straightforward Implementation 🎤
    I am a practical software developer - I don’t like to use anything that
    is not really needed. In my opinion, Redux is needed and Redux Sagas
    are a little cleaner than using Redux Thunks. I will demonstrate this in both a very simple implementation (https://github.com/wdeanmedical/candy-store-rn) along with a more complex but useful example that works with a remote backend.
    Nick Sophinos is a 20-year software development veteran who approaches React Native from an enterprise perspective.

    🏢 About the Venue 🏢
    Dispatch, headquartered in Boston, is one of the fastest-growing software companies in America. Leveraging our proprietary adaptive platform and industry-leading technology integrations, Dispatch partners with customer-centric brands to simplify complex home service networks.

    We are not a software vendor. We are a brand partner – delivering extraordinary value using a synthesis of our platform, people, and partnership approach. Backed by Vista Equity Partners, Dispatch continues to revolutionize the home service experience for brands, service providers, and end customers just like you.

    Dispatch approaches product development with an engineering-first mindset, always thinking about how to build software with consistency, creativity, and intelligence. Because of this, our products reflect our people. Our team has the freedom to do good work and the flexibility to do it their way, creating opportunities to take on real responsibility and have a meaningful impact on the business.

  • Developing w/ Bluetooth, Onboarding New Devs, and Stylizing Components

    🎤 How to develop on unfamiliar stacks without completely losing your mind (Featuring bluetooth!) 🎤
    Alex Jarvis (https://linkedin.com/in/alxjrvs)

    Integrating an unfamiliar hardware peripheral in your React Native app can be painful, especially if you're not super familiar with either stack. Come learn from the mistakes of GnarCo. Developer Alex Jarvis as he describes his adventure in Bluetooth/React Native integration and how you could do it so, so much better than he did.


    Alex Jarvis is a developer working out of the Gnar Co offices in downtown Boston - or, is that only what he wants you to think?


    🎤 Onboarding new developers to React Native...who contribute immediately 🎤
    Dave Barner (https://github.com/dbarner1)

    Are you a react native engineer who's curious what other React Native engineers know and do every day?
    Is your startup looking to transition a non-react native engineer to work on a react native project?
    Is your startup looking to higher a new react native developer, but having a hard time finding one?

    In this session we'll kick off...an idea: an open source curriculum to mastering react native. Together we'll find out what folks know, and where each of us can find areas to improve.


    Dave Barner is a React Native and Ruby/Rails developer at Qeepsake, a platform to help parents store and share precious memories about their newborns. He's passionate about mobile development, and knows he has many large mountains left to climb to master its craft. In his spare time he enjoys all the glorious coffee this world has to offer, and occasionally attempting a far-too-aggressive fitness routine.


    ⚡️🎤 Stop Copying, Start Standardizing 🎤⚡️
    Paul Darragh

    How to build your own stylized components in React Native.


    Hi I am Paul, Tall Paul if it helps, I am a full stack developer working at Massmutual. Outside of work I am working on an app called Coupler and planning a fast approaching wedding.

    -- 🎉 ABOUT OUR SPONSOR 🎉 --
    Mendix is on a mission to fundamentally reinvent the way applications are created, by abstracting the process and enabling everyone who has a stake in an enterprise’s digital future — business people and analysts, web developers, software engineers, even CEOs — to meaningfully participate, thereby creating better applications faster. Our goal is simply to create the future of software development.

    For more information please visit: www.mendix.com

    -- 🚗🚗 PARKING & DIRECTIONS 🚗🚗 --
    Metered spots are available within walking distance.

    If you're taking the T, South Station is your best bet.

  • "App Performance" and "Using Go in React Native"

    EF Education First Headquarters

    🎤 App Performance: Tools and Optimizations 🎤
    Andrew Goodale (https://twitter.com/andrewg95)

    Diagnosing and fixing performance problems in React Native apps can be a complicated endeavor. The documentation for many tools is sparse. Knowing where to look can be a challenge. This talk will give you an overview into the techniques my team used to analyze and fix performance issues in our large application. You’ll learn about the Stall Debugger, the JavaScript runtime, and ways to instrument your code to better find performance bottlenecks.


    Andrew is a senior mobile engineer at Upserve, Inc. in Providence. He's been doing React Native for the past two years. Before that, he was building web applications in React, and iOS applications in Objective-C. Andres has been writing software since 1995 for companies large and small.


    🎤 Using Go in React Native 🎤
    Dan Wiese (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dpwiese)

    Using React Native to build a mobile app offers many well known benefits, but carries drawbacks as well. One of these drawbacks is performance, sometimes necessitating substantial code be written natively. This can be a challenge for new developers or small teams with limited native experience. When supporting multiple platforms, this means implementing the same functionality in multiple languages which can slow down development and increase cost. One solution is to write this code in Go, which provides several additional benefits as well. In this talk, I'll give an overview how performant modules can be written in Go and used in a React Native app, and share some of the benefits such an approach offers.


    Dan is the CTO at Humon, leading their technical team in building the next generation of wearable sensors for athletes. An aerospace engineer by training, he was first introduced to React Native about a year and a half ago.

    -- 🚗🚗 PARKING & DIRECTIONS 🚗🚗 --
    When you walk in you will go through the glass doors to Lingo (bar/café) and turn immediately to the left where you can either take the stairs or elevator up to the 2nd floor.

    For parking there is street parking, and we are a short walk from the Museum of Science and Cambridge Galleria Mall.

    T’s nearby – North Station/Lechmere (Green), Community College (Orange), Kendall (Red)

  • How React Native powers a Prescribable Drug and React Native CLI's Plugin System

    We're closing out August with two speakers looking at React Native from a couple different angles. We'll hear about best practices when creating shared components and learn how to create a React Native CLI plugin to help automate repetitive or complicated tasks.

    🎤 Creating Plugins for the React Native CLI 🎤
    Ray Deck (https://twitter.com/ray_deck)

    Do you have advanced app configuration needs? Do you want to initialize permissions? Change the gradle ? Update your project to allow Kotlin code? Do you want to do this repeatably, with access to your environment variables and without requiring opening Xcode or Studio?

    React Native has a powerful command line interface you can extend via its plugin system to orchestrate the initialization, configuration, and management of your apps. We will discuss extending the CLI in two ways: hooking "react-native link" for accelerated changes to native code as well as extending the react-native command palette.

    Attendees will take away the knowledge - and hopefully inspiration - to start extending the React Native CLI to automate and streamline configuration of their apps without ever opening a GUI.


    Ray Deck is CTO of Element55. He has been in mobile development since J2ME and is the author of over 50 react-native packages on NPM, including react-native-swift.

    🎤 Can a React Native mobile application treat disease? 🎤
    Jeremy Gilbert

    We use mobile devices every day — we all know they change our daily behavior and even have been shown to affect our health. But can they act as a prescribable drug?

    In September 2017, Pear Therapeutics became first company in the world to receive FDA market authorization for a mobile application that actually improves disease outcomes. Our application — which treats substance use disorder — can be prescribed by a doctor just like a drug and even receive reimbursement from drug companies. In 2018 we are following up this achievement by building additional applications in multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia. Pear has built a ground-breaking, interdisciplinary team of software engineers, product designers, clinical psychologists, medical experts, and drug commercialization leaders. Together we work on deeply understanding our patients and building great software in order to create the world’s first generation of “digital therapeutics.”

    React Native has been central to our technology strategy. Our applications must pass rigorous FDA-mandated testing and validation, and work consistently across many different devices. React Native has been instrumental in addressing these needs for agility and reliable testing. Furthermore, we must maintain strict control over application behavior and program logic based on the particular type of patient we are treating - a key application for descriptive programming models. In this talk, I’ll cover some of the reasons why we love React Native, and how we are using it to deliver an entire pipeline of new digital therapeutics. I’ll also discuss our approach to UI componentization, some lessons learned from early iterations, and share some of the future efforts we are making to ensure consistency across our next-generation therapeutic apps.

    Come join me to learn how React Native is advancing the edge of medicine!


    Jeremy Gilbert is the CTO / CPO of Pear Therapeutics.

  • React Native Social Night @ Robin


    This will be an easy-going social night where you can get to know other React Native developers in the area.

    Bring your curiosity, technical questions, and experiences working with this platform over a slice of pizza and a drink with some of the folks in town working with similar tech.

  • Don't get rejected from the App Store + Bridging React Native Back to its Roots

    ❗️NOTE: When signing up, please make sure to include your name and email! We need it to check you into the building.❗️

    🎤 “Am I really a copycat? How to not get rejected from the App Store” 🎤
    by Mike Thomas (https://twitter.com/vs_miket)

    Submitting an app can be really frustrating being at the mercy of the App Store Review Team. How can you prevent being called a copycat or be told that your app is not up to the standards that iOS users expect? We will go through best practices of submission from Xcode, to when to go to TestFlight to submission and appeal.

    Mike Thomas was once an Electrical Engineer, but now lives in a world of pure nodejs frameworks. He is CTO at Virtual Spaces, a business to business webVR platform.


    🎤 Bridging React Native Back to its Roots 🎤
    by Vincent Riemer (https://twitter.com/vincentriemer)

    React Native has come a long way since its announcement 3 years ago, but what if its future meant looking even further into its past?

    Vincent is a Software Developer at Symantec, creator of React Native DOM, https://io808.com/, and amateur EDM producer/DJ.

    We've got a Slack group! Come join us: https://slack.bostonreactnative.com
    Interested in speaking? Sign up here: https://speakers.bostonreactnative.com

    🏡 About the Venue 🏡

    Facebook is our host this month! They will also be providing food and drinks for the group. If you're looking for a job, they are hiring. If you're interested, let one of the organizers know and we'll put you in touch.

  • Up and Running with Universal Components and Expo in the Trenches

    We're back in April with some more React Native awesomeness!

    🎤 Up and Running with Universal Components 🎤
    Kurtis Kemple (https://twitter.com/kurtiskemple) and Samantha Bretous (https://twitter.com/samanthabretous)

    Kurt and Samantha are joining us this month from NYC!

    Universal components are a great way to maximize impact while minimizing the amount of repeated work. However, if you're not careful, you can quickly end up in some pretty nasty spots. Join Samantha and Kurt as they walk through what universal components are, what are some best practices, and most importantly, what are some pitfalls to avoid!

    Kurt is a React / React Native / GraphQL enthusiast 🙌 Co-organizer of @NYCGraphQL 🗓 Technical Writer 🖋 Mentor 🎓 Fine Dancer🕺

    Samantha is a Software Engineer at MLS blending the gap between web and mobile development through universal components. By day Samantha codes and is a DIY’er. At night she sleeps.


    🎤 Expo in the trenches 🎤
    Jonathan Baker

    Is Expo ready for production? We'll look at what you could gain and common pitfalls to consider before making the leap to the bleeding edge.

    Jonathan once knew all the methods in the ASP.NET page lifecycle, and thought JavaScript was a punchline. Now, he's trying to build and maintain a cross platform native app using only JavaScript. It's a strange world.


    We've got a Slack group! Come join us: https://slack.bostonreactnative.com

    🏡 About the Venue 🏡

    Localytics (https://www.localytics.com/) is a mobile engagement platform for mobile and web apps. Check them out!

    🍕About the Pizza Sponsor 🍕
    The Gnar Company (https://thegnar.co) is a Boston-based development company that builds robust products designed for the long haul. They are also helping us all feed our faces this month. Thanks to Gnar!

  • Building a Native UI component in Swift & Integrating GraphQL APIs

    For March, we're back to a traditional talk format. But don't worry! We'll still have plenty of time to socialize.

    🎤 Building a Native UI component in Swift 🎤
    Ray Deck (https://twitter.com/ray_deck)

    A big part of the power of React Native is the ability to extend it with deeply native interface elements.

    Swift makes that much (*much*) easier for iOS.

    We will walk through why you might want to do this, creating and managing a native view, making the resulting Swift code work with the Javascript runtime, and some best practices to take out the pain and make the coolest experiences possible!

    Ray Deck is CTO of Element55. He has been in mobile development since J2ME and is the author of over 20 react-native packages on NPM, including react-native-swift.


    🎤 Integrating GraphQL APIs in our React Native Apps 🎤
    Chris Toomey (https://ctoomey.com)

    React Native apps often require interacting with remote APIs, fetching and displaying data, and leave us to handle all the details when wiring things up. This work is often tedious, error-prone, and full of boilerplate. If only there were a better way.

    Good news everyone, there is a better way! GraphQL is a "Query Language for your API" that let's us focus on the unique data needs of our app without having to worry about the details. GraphQL is a novel and interesting technology in its own right, but it shines even brighter when combined with the component model of React & React Native.

    In this talk you'll learn the how, and most importantly the why of GraphQL when paired w/ React Native. Build more robust react applications with less boilerplate!

    The talk will start with a brief overview of GraphQL, then dig into a sample application built with GraphQL, React Native, and Apollo, an amazing GraphQL client that takes care of the annoying parts and lets us focus on building features.

    Chris is a developer at thoughtbot where he works with every technology under the sun and tries to keep a running list of his favorites. This talk focus on a few of them.


    ⚡️Lightning Talk - TBD ⚡️
    Want to share something cool you're working on? Let us know: https://speakers.bostonreactnative.com

    🏡 About the Venue 🏡

    Appcues (https://www.appcues.com/) is an experience layer that sits on top of your product, letting non-technical teams swiftly increase product adoption. We really appreciate them offering their space. Appcues is also sponsoring food and drinks for the group. Check them out!

  • React Native Social Night @ Lola Travel

    Lola Travel

    This will be an easy-going social night where you can get to know other React Native developers in the area. Bring your curiosity, technical questions, and experiences working with this platform.

    At the beginning of the meetup, we'll have a couple of companies give short presentations on why they've chosen React Native for their projects.

    **We will also be raffling 1 free regular admission ticket to React Amsterdam! (https://react.amsterdam/)**