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> Hello dear friends! 

This group is to facilitate the ever-growing community of people who are living a Heart centered life and like to grow spiritually. It is open to everyone and dedicated to share and provide a space where others may come to share and learn more about Reiki, Kundalini, and Heart meditation.
I actually live in Bethesda, MD but my daughter lives in Boston so I am  spending lots of time in this area as I now have 2 grandchildren, an 8 year old boy and a 4+ year old granddaughter..:)  We used to host workshops downtown Boston in  the area of Tremont in the Common, but now looking for another place to host our meetings.
The intention is to meet for Open Heart Meditation and  Reiki Tummo Healing sessions and for Secrets of Natural Walking Workshops and practice.... as well as Open Heart and Reiki Tummo workshops.  Together with Jackie we used to host meetus and workshops in the Boston Common area, but now Jackie got married and moved to Australia so I have the intention to re-start the meetups and workshops in Boston again in 2019.  

Hello Everyone!   
We have changed our Name to Natural Way of Living.
This group continues to facilitate the ever growing community of people who are living a Heart centered life and like to grow spiritually. We are a group of Reiki Tummo practitioners of different nationalities and backgrounds coming together with the common goal of sharing the Love and Light with all.  We offer healing sessions, workshops, practices and shares. Everyone is welcome to come and to experience the profound feeling of Love, Joy, Happiness within the Spiritual Heart.  It is open to everyone! 
Our programs and classes are designed to help you manage stress, anxiety and improve your health, through natural methods to open your heart to True Source enabling you to live in gratitude, happiness and freedom.
These programs are universal, non-denominational and effective for anyone who would like to improve their relationship with The Creator. Each practice is also easily integrated into your daily life.
We are now hosting ONLINE ONLY for now.
Besides Reiki Tummo and Open Heart Workshops we are also offering our newest Workshop:  "Secrets of Natural Walking".

Open Heart Meditation™
Experience calmness, peacefulness, and happiness at any given time


Reiki Tummo®
Instant energy channeling ability to help physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing for yourself, your friends, family and others


Secrets of Natural Walking®
Activate your body’s self healing abilities naturally and effectively


Miracle Walking
Raising awareness about the importance of walking correctly by regularly inviting the public to join our free, introductory natural walking practices


Open Heart for Everyone
Introductory Open Heart Meditation sessions free for the public

Free public meetups to introduce Open Heart™ to individuals and communities.
We also provide online sessions.

Reiki Tummo®
Healing Services
Experience Reiki Tummo healing services through free public clinics and distant healing groups


Free distant healing services by many of Reiki Tummo® practitioners all over the world.
If you or people you know may need Reiki healing, you can send email to us and provide the following data of the clients: Name, City Location, Kind of Health Problem (in general).
You can also receive free Reiki Usui attunement that may benefit your health.

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Come! join us and experience the joy, peace and loving feeling what so many of us are enjoying in our daily lives.

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