What we're about

Hi, Welcome to Boston-Scotland Cycling !

I hope you love cycling and Scotland as much as I do, and can cycle with us, in Boston and in Scotland !
In this group, we do two main things,
1. Cycle around Boston and Scotland, and
2. stop for Coffee and Cake.

The Last Group trip to Scotland, was in SEPTEMBER. Next one is APRIL 2019.
Even if you didn’t make it to Scotland this time, Please Join us for cycling in Boston,
meetings, planning, and coffee and cake.
A List cannot convey the special beauty of Edinburgh, BUT here are
Things we did in Edinburgh, Sept. 2018,
( After Linlithgow Palace, Stirling Castle, and Dunfermline Abbey)

Edinburgh Castle
Walked Royal Mile
Climbed to summit of Arthur’s Seat
Rain Man play at King’s Theatre
Scots National Museum, historic and nature
Scots National Portrait Museum
Stayed in historic BnB , right next to Castle
Mahler Symphony No.5 at Usher Hall.
Cycled The Meadows , and Morningside
Cycled with ERC Edinburgh Cycling Club ( too hard !)
Museum of Edinburgh
The People’s Story
Holyrood Palace , of QE-2
Visit with Ashley’s pal, Graham, had $150. Whisky
Writers’ Museum, Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, Rabbie Burns
Scots March for Independence, Edinburgh, Royal Mile

------ next time April 2019 -----------

Dean Village
Waters of Leith Ride
Queens Gallery at Holyrood
Walter Scott Monument
Dundas House
Botanic Gardens
Edinburgh Yacht Club
John Knox House
Royal Yacht Britannia ( Charles and Diana)
Jenners Dept. Store
Wander down Rose Street
More Writers’ Museum
More Holyrood Place
More The People’s Story

The Plan is to do another, one week Cycle Tour through Scotland, with cities TBD.

Weather will be comfortable, warm to Cool, perfect for cycling, and rain should be minimal.
Any Adult who can ride at a moderate pace is welcome, 10-14 mph, and do 30 miles a day, which leaves time for sight-seeing in each town. Mostly flat riding, a few hills. Day time riding only.
ACCOMODATION – B&Bs, small Hotels, ala Rick Steves, $60/night. NO camping.
BUDGET - no money to me.
Did you know that Norwegian Air costs about $ 200. from Providence to Edinburgh !
Total Trip Budget is $ 1400. for a week, including Airfare, Bike, B&Bs and food. Each person pays their own way. No money to me, but you will be expected to help plan the trip, and help with mapping and B&B reservations. And chip in $20. for Meetup fees.
WHAT TO PACK ? ------ As little as Possible :-)
You can get by with nothing but a Backpack, or a couple of Bike bags.
We are Not Bike-Packing. Just a few nice day trips, from Edinburgh to Stirling , stopping at B&Bs.

We Meet to chat and plan, in Boston, before leaving for Scotland, and we do weekend cycle rides on the Charles River. Occasionally, we watch some of my fantastic Scotland cycling videos.

RIDE LEADER ( Me ) - I am an experienced cyclist, and know travel in Europe and Scotland well. I have done rides in Scotland before, and can provide lots of help with accommodation, airfare, and logistics.
Ireland Option – beforehand, we can cycle a few days, in Cork, South Ireland.
I expect the time constraints and uniqueness of this Meetup, will yield a very exclusive,
and small :-) group of travelers. See you soon!

Upcoming events (1)

Over the Sea to Skye !, from Inverness :-)

Isle of Skye

This Cycle trip is about being in the beautiful fresh air and countryside of the Highlands. And the sad history of the Battle of Culloden. We Fly into Edinburgh, then take the TRAIN up to Inverness, the Capital of the Highlands. DATES ARE NOT SETTLED YET - we are Targeting the third week in April. Tell us what dates you want ! Spend a little time in Inverness, then cycle to Skye, and overnight there. Five Day Trip, four days cycling. From Inverness , we will day trip to Culloden battlefield, and optionally, a day trip to Loch Ness. WEATHER - Spring time! It will be about 52-degrees, Perfect for Cycling ! There may be a day of rain, ( It's Scotland, after all.) Many Details will follow. Watch this space. ---- and Join us Soon, for the occasional Winter Cycle rides on the Charles River in Boston ! https://independenttravelcats.com/tips-to-avoid-the-crowds-on-the-isle-of-skye-in-scotland/ WELL – PROVEN LOGISTICS and Budget. B & B's. No Camping ! You need to be able to cycle at a comfortable pace, 12mph, about 30 miles per day. Low to Moderate Hills. No Mountain climbs. We fly discount Airlines where possible, so the trip costs about $ 1300. for Everything, for one week. Manage your own expenses. No fees to me. Chip in $25. for Meetup web fees. I brake for Cake, Ash

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