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Peace and Love,

This is group is for young men and women of color to meet up, mingle, plan and organize poetry events for the year of 2019. Last summer I organized an amazing Poetry event called What's Woke? It was more than I expected it to be and it inspired me to keep it up. I created this group in hopes to meet poets all over Boston and keep these events coming.

What's Woke is inspired my spiritual and personal life journey and it's purpose is bring awareness through spoken, written, and visual form with other like minded individuals. This isn't just about an event. It's about healing, networking, and rebuilding ourselves and our culture. It's to teach and learn about the daily struggles and victories, highs and lows we face. It's about sharing resources and gathering for the elevation of society.

The next event will be in June 2019. It was scheduled for March 2nd but due to the weather it was canceled. If your a creative artist please join us. We love supporting small businesses and opportunities for vending will be available.

Can we make this happen Boston?
What does the word or popular phrase "woke" mean to you?
Send your answer to the email below. Hope to hear from you soon.

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1544 Columbus Ave

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1544 Columbus Ave

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