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If you love to travel and want to get the most out of your photography, then this group is for you. We travel to great places where you can make fun photos while being guided by a professional photographer. Plus we have local and regional outings where you can photograph cool locations that you might not know about. From beginners to professionals, everyone can learn, share and make beautiful photos.

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Learn Lightroom: Three Sessions - Live Online

This is a paid workshop, don't RSVP until you have paid and registered at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/learning-lightroom-3-sessions/ There are plenty of tutorials, videos and books that will show you how every little detail of Lightroom works. They’ll show you how to get photos imported into Lightroom and show you how to use all the sliders, but they don’t tell you why or when you should be using Lightroom’s powerful controls to organize or how to get the most out of your photos. I’ll show you not only what the modules do, but the why’s and why not’s, no matter if you are making prints, posting on the Internet or sending photos off for publication. I’ll show you time-saving techniques that will help you find your images and export them quicker and make them look better. You can attend in person or live online. The service I use for online teaching has great quality of voice and image, so it is just like being in the classroom, except you don’t have to leave home. You’ll see everything on my computer screen and be able to talk with me and other participants and to ask questions. All sessions will be recorded so you can watch as many times as you like or catch up if you need to miss a session. There will be three sessions, you may attend any or all. If you are new to Lightroom or you’re not getting the most out of the program, then you will want to attend all three sessions. Session 1: Jan. 23, 7:00-9:30 p.m. – Getting started Now that there are three versions of Lightroom, there is still plenty of confusion about which one to use. I’ll talk about the three versions, Version 6, Classic CC and CC and show you the differences and help you decide which is best for you. I’ll be doing most of the demonstrations with Classic CC since it is the most used version and is similar to Version 6. Then I’ll show you the best way to get your photos organized, where and how to store them and how to import. I’ll show you how and why to add keywords, captions and other metadata. We’ll talk about creating catalogs and best practices for backing up and whether you should be using multiple catalogs. I’m not real fond of the Book, Web or Slideshow modules, but we’ll talk about what they do. Session 2: Jan. 30, 7:00-9:30 p.m. – Staying Organized and Starting to Develop We’ll look at how to keep track of your photos once they are imported, the different ways to find and sort them, including using collections, filtering, flagging and mapping. We’ll talk about when, why and how you should export your photos and how to make the best prints. We’ll get started with the Develop Module, which is where you make your images really come to life. Session 3: Feb. 6, 7:00-9:30 p.m. – Making Your Photos Pop In this session, I’ll show you how to get the most out of your images using Develop Module controls like white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, vibrance and saturation. We’ll dig deep into how and why to use cloning, healing, cropping and masking. I’ll cover sharpening, noise reduction, lens correction, effects and camera calibration. You will see how I transform your images and get them to pop more than you expected. I’ll be demonstrating with the latest version of Lightroom Classic CC but most things will be applicable to all versions whether you work on a Mac or Windows. The workshop will be at Loren’s Photo Education Center in Somerville, NJ. You’ll get full directions once you register. If you are attending online, you’ll receive an email detailing log in instructions. $129 for all three sessions $49 for one session Previous clients and Premium Members $115.00 for all three sessions $45.00 for one session Limit of 15 in person participants For more info and to register go to https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/learning-lightroom-3-sessions/

Vermont Winter Wonderland Photography Workshop

Loren's house

SOLD OUT - This is a paid workshop, don't RSVP until you have registered and paid at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/vermont-winter-wonderland-workshop/ Workshop focus: Getting perfect exposures and seeing geometric lines in your photos. Jan. 25-27, 2019 Starting at 2 p.m. on Friday, ending at noon on Sunday. Price: $379 Regular registration $329 for early registration by Dec. 15 $309 for returning clients and Premium Members Limit: 10 participants Local transportation included in my 12 passenger van, which has a great heating system! I think winter is the most beautiful time of year to be a photographer. I love seeing the simplicity created by a heavy blanket of snow and photographing the clean lines and the pureness of the countryside that only appears in winter. I have spent years driving the backroads of Vermont finding great locations for winter photos and now I will share them with you. Join me for this unique photographic experience as you learn the tricks and techniques involved in capturing those special winter scenes. You will learn how to get proper exposures in the snow, which is one of the hardest conditions to get the right exposure. Once you learn how to photograph on a sunny day in the snow, you’ll never have trouble getting the perfect exposure again. We will extensively talk about using geometric lines in your photos to improve your composition. Simplifying your photos by concentrating on lines can turn ordinary images into “wow” pictures. Winter is the best time to learn to simplify and what you learn will carry over into the rest of the year. We will be based at my house in Woodstock, VT, which is one of the most beautiful towns in New England. We will photograph historic covered bridges, one of America’s most photographed farms, rural scenes and classic small town Vermont. Just so you know, I’m not one of those people who loves freezing, I know how to dress properly and I have found locations that don’t require a great deal of time outside the van. If you get cold, you’ll always be near a warm place to take the chill off. I’ll teach you how to stay warm, including your hands and how to keep your camera and lenses from freezing or fogging up from condensation when bringing them in from the cold. You’ll get a ton of information before the workshop to help you be prepared, it won’t involve spending money on lots of new things except maybe the right gloves. I’ll help you winterize your tripod for less than $5 so it doesn’t freeze your hands. It is mostly a shooting workshop, we’ll start inside on Friday for about an hour as we get to know each other and talk about composition and shooting in the snow. We’ll shoot for the rest of the afternoon and then we’ll do light painting on a covered bridge at dusk. Saturday we are out at sunrise and shooting all day (with breaks of course!) and then after it gets dark we get together back at my house for pizza and look at photos we have taken. Sunday it is shooting from sunrise until noon. Although I can’t guarantee the ground will covered with snow, it usually is in Vermont in January. There will be snow at nearby ski resorts and plenty of great visual things to photograph. No matter the weather, we’ll be able to work on proper exposure and making better photos by visualizing the diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines that make for stronger composition. There will be photographers in attendance who are not members of this Meetup group. For more information and to register go to https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/vermont-winter-wonderland-workshop/

Indoor Photography Workshop Series - Evenings Online

This is a paid workshop, don't RSVP on Meetup until you pay and register at https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/indoor-workshop-series-evenings/ When the weather turns colder and the trees are bare it isn’t always as much fun to get out and shoot and many people lose their photo mojo over the winter. Keep your skills sharp or learn new ones with a specially designed workshop series you can do in the comfort of your home and get feedback on your shots. In this five session series, you’ll get assignments that keep you thinking about your camera settings, composition and photography in general while staying warm and safe indoors. Plus you'll get feedback about your photos and see what others did with the assignments. You can attend in person, live online or watch a recorded version of each session if you can’t make the live session. During each session we’ll talk about fun things you can shoot in your house and techniques you can use to make unique photos. You’ll have two weeks to complete an assignment, really, it’s just a topic and suggestion of things to photograph around your home. We'll do things like silhouettes, moving water, still life, indoor landscape, shadows and fill flash. After you complete each assignment, you’ll upload one or two photos and get feedback during the next session. The photos will be posted online where only workshop participants can view. This isn’t a photo contest, getting feedback can be scary but it is a great way to expand your skills and it is a lot of fun to see what others did for their assignment. Each session lasts two hours, it doesn’t matter your skill level, there will be beginners to advanced photographers attending. You can attend this class in person in Somerville, NJ, or live online. If you attend online, you'll have the same experience as the in person attendees except you won't get any of my M&Ms! You will still be able to ask questions and see my computer screen. I use a paid service for my online classes to assure you have easy access and get quality sound and video. Five sessions: Jan. 31, Feb. 21, March 7, March 21, April 4 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Price $149.00 Regular registration $129.00 Previous clients or Premium Members Limit of 12 participants in person For more information and to register: https://lorenphotos.com/mevents/indoor-workshop-series-evenings/

Get to Know Your Camera free seminar


In this free two hour seminar you’ll get to know your camera better. Today’s cameras are loaded with lots of extras that really only add confusion and complication. Professional photographer Loren Fisher will help you understand what you need to focus on and what you can ignore. Loren will show you how to make proper exposures using the Exposure Triangle of ISO, shutter speed and aperture. It sounds complicated but Loren has simplified it and using by his handout you will come away with new confidence in your ability to get consistent results. You will have a better understanding of the settings on your camera and which file size setting to use. It will be a fun afternoon and you will come away inspired and ready to use your camera more. It doesn’t matter if you have never touched your camera before or have used it in the past, this seminar will help you feel about using your camera. You can attend live online from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/764509683 One tap mobile [masked],,[masked]# US [masked],,[masked]# US (San Jose) Dial by your location [masked] US [masked] US (San Jose) Meeting ID:[masked] Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/adiCe7ZS9b

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