First meetup for the Unison language


Hi folks,

We're having our first Unison meetup on March 26th at Spaces in Davis Square, Somerville. Here's the plan:

* Pizza and beverages starting at 630pm.
* At about 7, we (myself, Rúnar, Arya) will give a quick intro to the Unison language, show a demo of the current status and talk about what's next, and we'll have some Q&A time.
* Possible: a coding dojo session where we write some Unison code as a group. Or we might save this for next time, we'll see how it goes.

Really looking forward to seeing folks in person!

Paul :)


The Spaces address is 240 Elm St, 2nd Floor, Somerville MA 02144. The entrance to the building is actually on Chester street, right across from Red Bones BBQ, you'll see a black awning with a hexagonal Spaces logo. There'll be signs at the door with instructions on how to get to the meeting room. It's possible the door will be locked in which case there'll be a phone number to call.

There's metered parking on Elm st and Chester st, and the best parking lot is probably the one on Herbert st.

ALSO: We posted a really short survey (3 questions) to help us figure out what libraries or functionality we should try to ship with v1 of Unison and to get a sense of how people might like to use the language. If you have a few minutes, please fill this out!