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Boston Vegetarian Food Festival - Day 1 - in Reggie Lewis Center, Roxbury
Boston Vegetarian Food Festival - Day 1 - in Reggie Lewis Center, Roxbury Boston Vegetarian Society presents its 23rd Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival !!! Saturday, October 20, 2018, *11AM-6PM and Sunday, October 21, 2018, 10AM-4PM FREE ADMISSION and FREE PARKING! *Saturday 10AM-11AM preview. A limited number of tickets ($5) are on sale to enter the Exhibitor Room at 10 a.m., before the doors open at 11 a.m. for Free Admission to all. Reggie Lewis Athletic Center 1350 Tremont Street at Malcolm X Boulevard Roxbury Crossing, Boston, Massachusetts 02120 Subway stop across the street. This Festival brings together an amazing array of vegetarian natural food providers, top national speakers and chefs, and educational exhibitors in a fun and welcoming environment. It is a chance to talk directly to food producers, learn the newest items in the marketplace, taste free food samples, shop at show special discounts, or simply learn what vegetarian foods are available and where you can find them! Whether you are a longtime vegetarian or vegan, or someone simply wanting to add more healthy and delicious foods to your meal repertoire, or if you are just curious what it's all about, you are welcome here! Free admission, Free food sampling, Free speaker presentations, Free parking and a T stop across the street. You also can learn of ways to benefit the environment, help animals, and enhance your health and well being. There are activities for kids, too! Learn more about the Festival and the speakers: entrees.

Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center (RLTAC) at Roxbury Community College

1350 Tremont Street Across the street from Roxbury CC & MBTA · Roxbury Crossing, Boston, MA

What we're about

A meetup is where people with similar interests get together and hang out.

A vegetarian meetup is where vegetarians with similar interests get together and hang out. Of course, we're a diverse lot, so we'll meet LOTS of folks whose interests are somewhat different from our own, but who share the vegetarian interests with us.

Join us AND the other Vegetarians-Of-Boston Meetups for the Vegetarian Happy Hour [Happy Hour with Vegetarians]
6:30 pm-8:20 pm

We hold other events at an all-vegetarian restaurant, often by following the events of local vegetarian and animal rights groups.

A Vegan Meetup (which we also attend) is held on the 1st Saturday of each month
at Veggie Planet
47 Palmer Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
11:30 am to 2 pm

Dinner with Dharma is held on the 4th Friday at the Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center (GBBCC) at 950 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138 - $10 for the all-vegan buffet.

So, if you are also vegan, do (nominally or enthusiastically) join
the Boston VEGAN Meetup

We also tag along with BVS (, BVA (, Vegan Meetup events, and MARC.

You are encouraged to volunteer 50 cents/month to help defray costs ($6/year) - on a continuing basis (paid at Meetup OR online).

Vegetarians - If you're here, you belong in THIS GROUP, the Vegetarian Meetup

Casual Vegetarian
For Religious Reasons vegetarian (but not vegan)
Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian
Macrobiotic Vegetarian (no fish)
Macrobiotic Vegetarian (with fish)
Occasional Vegetarian
Organic Vegetarian

Partial Vegetarian
Raw Vegetarian
Social Vegetarian
Transitional Vegetarian
Animal Rights
Flexitarian (not a vegan but preferring vegetarian)
Non-Vegetarian, But Interested

Vegans - If you're here, you belong in THIS GROUP AND the Boston Vegan Meetup (

Former Vegetarian, Now Vegan
Fruitarian Vegan
Longterm Vegan
Newly Vegan
No Animal Products Vegan
No Leather Vegan
On the Veggie Vegan See-Saw
Organic Vegan
Raw Vegan
Tofu Rules!

Vegetarian Who Strongly Leans Vegan
Animal Rights Vegan
Eco-friendly Vegan
PETA-oriented Vegan
For Religious Reasons a Vegan
Non-Vegan, But Seriously Interested as Practicing Vegetarian
Abolitionist Vegans (Animals should no longer be treated as property)
Anti-PETA (PETA harms the vegan movement more than helps)
I Support the A.L.F. (Supporters of the direct action taken by the ALF)

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