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Vuze by Human Eyes and Boston 360 Video, Noitom Mocap

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• 6:00pm - Doors open, demos begin, snacks are served.

• 6:50pm -Announcements and Community information

• 7:00 - 7:30pm - VUZE by Human Eyes

• 7:30-8:00- Boston 360 Video -Mike Quan

• 8:00-830- Noitom Mocap

• 8:30 - 9:45 Demofest!!

• 9:45 - Afterparty at the Glasshouse

T-shirts & Stickers

T-Shirts will be available and are $15 each. BostonVR is a 501c3 certified non-profit and any proceeds will go towards funding more VR events and making Boston into a VR hub!

From the very beginning, we had a dream: to capture the true human experience.

When you look at the world around you with your own eyes and listen with your own ears, you see everything, hear everything, from all directions, and you feel the depth, all this gives you a sense of presence. True Virtual Reality should be just that – a complete, human immersive experience, that lets you feel like you’re really there. In other words, a 3D, 360 degrees, high definition video and audio.

With the latest developments in Virtual Reality technology and the enthusiasm in the market about VR, there are many solutions for capturing 3D 360-degree videos and stills. But these solutions are usually overly complicated and costly, allowing only a small bunch of professionals to create VR content.

The Vuze camera, allows us to make the creation of true VR content accessible to just about anyone.

Vuze camera is the world’s first high quality, high resolution 3D 360 virtual reality camera, The supplied Humaneyes VR Studio software is a purpose built rendering engine that delivers incredible stereoscopic 3D videos and still pictures at the push of a button.
Now, everyone without a Hollywood budget or technical expertise can create unforgettable experiences to relive and share from every angle, over and over.

Capturing virtual reality footage with Vuze camera is as simple as any camera. Producing and editing is as simple as file-transfer and sharing is as easy as the social media share options you already know.

Inside Vuze camera is a bundle of world-leading technologies, extensive know-how and tightly integrated hardware with software. On the outside, Vuze camera is simple and lightweight, making it easy for anyone to create amazing virtual reality experiences.

The Vuze virtual reality camera was created by HumanEyes Technologies, a veteran in 3D and animated content creation, display and processing and a pioneer of the lenticular printing solutions for the Graphic Arts industry. We are experts in computer vision since 2000, with over 70 patents in various fields of 3D and photographic 3D, and have become a global market leader with partners including Kodak, HP, Oce and Fuji Film, in addition to thousands of photographers, graphic artists and printers.

Michael Quan was one of the first independent videographers to

capture 360 video of the 2016 presidential primary election season.

A former news photographer, he co-founded

Recently he has been working with 3D hand held LIDAR

capture and visualization technologies.

Noitom is committed to making motion capture a universal technology. By creating innovative, affordable and accessible products, Noitom is able to deliver motion capture not only to the film, gaming and animation fields, but can also extend their versatile technology into the realms of education, medicine and science.

Who is Boston VR and how do I get involved?

BostonVR is a 501c3 certified non-profit and any proceeds will go towards funding more VR events and making Boston into a VR hub!

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