Jeffrey J.Jeffrey J.

Jeffrey J.

Co-organizer, VR Consultant


Jamaica Plain, MA

Joined group

Mar 26, 2014


Consultant with 20 years’ experience in Virtual and Mixed Reality, building systems, doing research, and managing projects. Currently focused on, but not limited to, the Construction industry.

What are you doing with VR now?

Why VR for Construction? With a large number of stakeholders involved in the construction process, each person imagines the design differently, which requires costly re-explanations and sometimes expensive misunderstandings. Drawings, renderings, and scale models are not adequate.With immersive visualization (Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality) the designer can communicate his intention to the client and all other stakeholders exactly, by giving them a chance to (virtually) be IN the building, before the first brick is laid. This focuses and accelerates both the design and construction management processes, making good decisions possible earlier than before.

Where do you hope to take it?

I hope to build a small empire of training workshops on VR for Architecture and construction through my partnership with Scalable Display Technologies. From that, I hope to build up my consulting practice, helping construction companies adopt the new VR technologies and put them to best use.