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~Temporarily closed to new members due to general pandemic craziness~

This group is intended for creative writers of prose fiction 18-35 who are dedicated to improving their craft and supporting their fellow writers. This is a workshop group that meets every 2-3 weeks to critique 2-3 submissions from fellow group members. The fee is $2/meeting, strictly to offset the cost of hosting the group on Meetup.com.

All genres of prose fiction are welcome! Short stories? Awesome! Novel excerpts? Excellent! Meetings are in Cambridge on the Red Line on Saturday afternoons.

If you would like to join, please fill out the questions on the membership request. Note that we do not critique poetry or nonfiction pieces. This is an inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly group and we welcome people from all backgrounds and skill levels!

Please read through our group rules:

1. Submissions should be double-spaced and ~25 pages. Please include page numbers and preface your piece explaining what it is (a completed story? an excerpt?) and what you would like us to focus on in our critique.

2. Our critique format is the following: First everyone but the author will discuss the piece for about ~15 minutes. The author should remain quiet unless we ask them a question or something important needs to be clarified. Afterwards everyone will be free to address the author, give direct feedback, ask the author questions, etc. for another ~15 minutes.

3. Please attend at least one meeting before submitting a piece. It's good for new folks to get a sense of what the group is about and to contribute to the community.

4. We really value the community we've built with this group, and we put a lot of time and effort into helping each other grow as writers. To that end, please don't only show up to meetings when your piece is being critiqued. Be willing to put as much time and effort into other people's work as we put into yours!

5. To allow more people to get a chance to have their work critiqued, please do not sign up for critique more than two meetings in a row. (The exception to this is if we're really in a squeeze for submitters--if you're not sure, ask!)

6 Please do not call dibs on submitting before the next meeting is announced. If you sign up but then have to back out unexpectedly, please let the group know as soon as possible.

7. Sorry, no one under 18!

8. Please RSVP and shoot a message through the site if you're running late. We know getting around Boston can be a nightmare, so we'll often wait a few minutes for everyone to arrive.

9. We don't have any set limits on sensitive content/gore/language, but use good judgment and be cognizant that your fellow writers come from all backgrounds. I reserve the right to decline a writer's submission if necessary (for example, if a submission is just blatant hate speech), but so far it's never happened.

10. Stay cool and keep writing! 😎

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NOTE: NO IN-PERSON MEETING DUE TO CORONAVIRUS. We will be meeting ONLINE on our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/ZePAcqn . Please make an account, set up your microphone or whatever you need, and be ready to voicechat at 2. RSVP so we know how many members to expect.

Please read the submissions in advance and prepare with the following format in mind: First everyone but the author will discuss the piece for about ~15 minutes. Afterward everyone will be free to address the author, give direct feedback, ask the author questions, etc. for another ~15 minutes. Digital comments can be uploaded into the Submissions folder for that week so the writer can view them.

Sign up for critique here (limit 3 people per week plus one backup): http://bit.ly/2M5jLTZ. And submit your work here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DmFOdEvAKeaUb1ySqF8AqfwNgvKPbAcQ?usp=sharing

Files should be double-spaced, PDFs (you can also submit both a PDF and .doc, since some people prefer one format over the other), and ≤25 pages. Please make a note at the top of your piece explaining what it is (a short story, a novel excerpt, etc) and anything in particular you would like us to critique for. Remember to submit by Wednesday 11/10/21, but THE EARLIER THE BETTER! This is to give people time to read and form responses to your work.

If you would like to review past submissions or catch up on previous chapters from a member's novel, the Drive folder for the group as a whole can be accessed here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4tJOkWNZQLYMGR5NlZsTnlnc2M

Please also bring $2 to help pay for Meetup's monthly fee (Venmo or cash are fine! My Venmo name is @dana-berube). Don't forget to RSVP!!

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