What we're about

Boston d3.js is a group specifically focused on data visualizations based on d3.js.

If you haven't heard about d3, then you should probably check it out!



Our goal is to create a community of designers, developers and researchers interested in d3 in the Boston / Cambridge area.

If you

- Love d3.js

- Interested in data visualization

- Would like to learn some / more about it

- Want to show / teach your d3 visualizations

- or whatever reason you may have!

Please join us!!

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Is D3.js alive and well in Boston?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

There hasn't been a meetup in 6 months. Have people in Boston lost interest in D3.js? What's new or just unseen in D3 lately? Surely people

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The nitty gritty of zooming and panning in D3.js

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