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This session is for anyone interested in talking about modern love and relationships:
'What does love means in today's culture?' 'Should we re-think the idea of love?' 'How has technology changed how we love and seek love?' Social media and its impact on love, romance and intimacy.

I recently published a book titled' The Wife who Left a Perfect Marriage' where I tell the story of an ordinary girl, called Mia, who lived an ordinary life. She wanted to be normal and so in her was a strong desire to ‘belong’, more than anything else in this world.
She lived a sheltered life and was too timid to look at life through the wrong end of the telescope. But soon, the vanity of her faultless married life maimed her psychologically, only for her to realise that all along she had been chasing other people’s dreams.

Having woken up to the new-found reality, she was coerced to embark on an extraordinary journey. A journey to find true love.

But does true love exist?

For many looking for love or those who have experienced many deep and fulfilling relationships -we will be delighted to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Radhika Mia

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