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Boston useR Meetup - with SPLASH Boston 2018
**We will have two presentations for this meetup** #1: Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques with Bryan Butler #2: Massive Scale Data Science in R with Spark on Databricks with Bryan Cafferky Bio: Bryan Butler: Bryan Butler is a Lead Data Scientist at the Hanover Insurance Group. His work is mainly focused on applying text analytics and natural language processing to predicting claims and underwriting risks. While having additional experience in both banking and marketing research, he spent most of his career in the insurance industry modeling the impacts of natural catastrophes (hurricanes, earthquakes and extra-tropical cyclones) as well as terrorist attacks, and stress testing capital models. His previous experience includes working in reinsurance in Bermuda, and at Lloyd's of London. Bryan Cafferky: Bryan Cafferky is a Microsoft Data Science and AI Technical Solutions Professional focused on helping healthcare customers understand and implement Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and AI solutions. He is a Microsoft 2017 Data Platform MVP and a 2016 Cloud and Data Center Management MVP. Bryan is the author of Pro PowerShell for Database Developers by Apress, available on Amazon. He leads The RI Microsoft BI User Group, and The Greater Boston Area Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI Group. He has been working with the SQL Server stack since 1997 and implemented projects in the banking, insurance, e-commerce, utility, and health care industries. He holds a bachelor of science in computer information systems and a Master’s degree in Business Abstracts: #1: Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques Marketing is constantly focused on identifying and targeting segments. There are many ways to create segments based on buying patterns, etc. However, more challenging is understanding the psychographic characteristics of customers. One method of marketing research used to do this is the survey. In this short presentation, we'll look at how to combine both supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques to marketing surveys and extract behavioral/psychographic segments, #2: Massive Scale Data Science in R with Spark on Databricks Spark is the hottest Big Data scale out platform in the world. With the SparklyR and SparkR packages, you can massively scale your data analysis and machine learning scripts. In this presentation, we’ll show you how handling Big Data can be easy and fun and we can use good old R to do it. You like dplyr? Not a problem, so does Spark thanks to the SparklyR package. And we can do it all in the powerful Databricks notebook which also lets us integrate Python, Scala, and SQL into the same program. So get your popcorn and take a seat for the greatest Big Data show on earth! We're also partnering up with the SPLASH conference for the November Meetup. For more information on SPLASH - and for information on how you can win a free registration to the conference please email [masked] *FYI for everyone - this happens to be on election day Location: MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Room 2: 32-D463 The Stata Center 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge MA 02139

MIT: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

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