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JJ Allaire - Rcpp Attributes and RStudio v0.98 Preview Release

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JJ Allaire from RStudio will be presenting about Rcpp Attributes and the upcoming release of RStudio.

Rcpp Attributes

Rcpp Attributes are a new feature of the Rcpp package that provide a high-level syntax for declaring C++ functions as callable from R and automatically generating the code required to invoke them. As a result of eliminating both configuration and syntactic friction, the workflow for C++ development in an interactive session now approximates that of R code: simply write a function and call it!

Attributes dramatically reduce the learning curve associated with using C++ and R together and as a result open the benefits of high performance native code to all R users. In this talk we'll cover the motivation for and implementation of attributes as well as review many practical examples of their use

RStudio v0.98 Preview

We'll also preview a couple of the major new features of the upcoming version of RStudio (v0.98), including some enhanced debugging facilities as well as new tools for authoring HTML 5 presentations with R Markdown.

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