October useR Group: Shiny in Production!


Shiny in Production!
Presented by Sean Lopp, RStudio

Shiny is an R package that makes it easy to build interactive web apps straight from R, a language not traditionally known for web frameworks, to say the least. As such, Shiny has always faced questions about whether it can or should be used “in production”. In this talk, we’ll explore what “production” even means, review some of the historical obstacles and objections to using Shiny for production purposes, and discuss practices and tools that can help your Shiny apps flourish.

Sean Lopp is a Product Manager at RStudio. Sean leads teams to create useful, enjoyable products. Before RStudio he was a data scientist and worked on alternative vehicle models at NREL, infant sleep dynamics, and originally studied mathematics. He lives outside Denver, CO and skis and bikes with his family.

We welcome all newcomers, enthusiasts, and experts.

Zoom Bridge for those unable to attend in person: https://zoom.us/j/446869436

* Pizza will be provided by RStudio
* Event location provided by WeWork

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