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Ready to dance into sweetness!? Chakradance is a beautiful dance with your spirit-a moving meditation-a way to tap into and connect with the wisdom of your body. In this amazing healing modality you will ground into and embody your instincts, taste pleasure and joy, become your inner warrior, feel your heart open in all directions, access your own unique vibration and walk your truth, see your inner landscape of possibilities and dreams, and connect universe/creator/god/etc. We will weave in meditation, creating mandalas, learn to living bigger, and learn more about each chakra and what it holds.

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Aligning Your Chakras: A Full Day Experience & Akashic Guidance

Clear And Now Holistic Healing Center

Join us for a full day of the diving into your incredible and dynamic chakra (energy) system. You will build a foundation through your energetic body connecting to your physical body, and help you see how the link between the two can create your own optimum health. Through meditation, exploration of the emotions and where they "live", tapping into the body, opening the Akashic records to answer questions and receive guidance, you will leave with a greater understanding and wisdom of how all of YOU works when your chakras are aligned! *No experience with chakras necessary* Saturday 4/[masked] $120 (materials Included) Contact [masked]/[masked] to register.

Chakradance: A Mini Retreat

Clear And Now Holistic Healing Center

Come dance into freedom from your rooted feet through your spiritually connected crown! There's no wrong way to Chakradance- for this is about listening to how your body wants to move. When you move your body, you move energy which creates a release and alignment to feel clear and grounded in mind, body, spirit. We will also weave in meditation and create a mandala. *Very limited space!* Saturday, 4/20 1-4pm $60 Contact [masked]/[masked] to register.

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2019 Akashic Intention Setting Circle

Clear And Now Holistic Healing Center

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