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Ok, so to kick this thing off, let's meet during the second half of the Tuesday conversation group this week. We can talk in person about what times/days work best for us on a regular basis, what kind of things we want to read, and if time permits, read some poetry by Mahmoud Darwish together. I've attached the poetry to the meetup group - just go to the files tab and it should be listed. Please join!

I have a copy of an Arabic collection of modern short stories published in the UK (?A Reader of Modern Arabic Short Stories?, edited by Sabry Hafez and Catherine Cobham, 1988). I know there are at least a couple other such collections. I would love to be able to study selections from such a resource and meet to discuss the use of Arabic in the story (especially idiomatic uses) and how the language can be understood by an English speaker. Perhaps members of this group who may have connections in Arabic speaking countries could provide sources to obtain copies of contemporary Arabic literature which could be used as material for our group.